What is Sutton Bank Cash App Stimulus Check, Deposit Address

Sutton Bank is a privatized bank which is an independent community bank helping small businesses and agricultural communities of the nation. Sutton Bank has eight complete service branches within a 4-country area.

The bank offers loans at flexible rates, and return payments can be done flexibly by the bank. You can also borrow money from the cash app.

It is also responsible for issuing the Cash app debit card popularly known as the Cash Card. The Cash card is not connected to any Bank account and neither to any debit card.

What is Sutton Bank cash app card

Sutton bank direct deposit form

Sutton Bank is behind the issuance of the Cash card to the Cash app users. This card is completely eligible for direct deposits and the direct deposit feature is backed by Lincoln Savings Bank.

Thus, no direct deposit forms are nowadays required for any of the electronic accounts held by Cash app users with Cash cards issued by the Sutton Bank.

But if at all you want to use the Sutton Bank Direct deposit authorization form you can download it.

  • Fill in the name and address.
  • Then Fill in the name of your bank in the first line
  • Fill in the Account type where you would want to make the direct deposit.
  • Put in the Employee signature and also the company name. 

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Sutton bank direct deposit Address

Cash app has partnerships with Sutton bank for direct deposits. Sutton Bank Cash app stimulus check can also be received easily.

So, if your employer or anybody who is trying to make direct deposits into your account, asks for the Cash app direct deposit address, you can provide the Sutton bank Cash app address for direct deposit instead.

This is also the mailing address for contacting Sutton Bank.

Sutton Bank
1S. Main Street
Attica, OH 44807.

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Sutton bank Cash app direct deposit time

Electronic transfers would be available in the user’s Sutton bank account on the same day.


Sutton bank cash app phone number

Users can contact Cash app support at 855-351-2274.

Sutton bank cash app routing number

Sutton bank Cash app routing number is 041208777.

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