SUNY Free Application Week 2023: Know Details before you apply

SUNY Free Application Week

When is SUNY Free Application Week 2023?

SUNY, which stands for State University of New York, has started a “Free Application Week” in 2023. Anyone who takes admission this week will not be charged any application fees. The week will start from October 16th and will last till October 29t.

It’s a great way to save some money if you’re interested in applying to any SUNY schools. Through this scheme, you can apply to up to five SUNY schools for free.

As this free application week starts on October 16th, till then you can think about which SUNY schools you’re most interested in. In this way, you’ll be ready when the time comes to apply.

Remember, SUNY is a group of colleges and universities in New York that offer different classes and degrees. This special week is a good opportunity for you to apply without worrying about the application fee.

FAQs Related to SUNY Free Application Week

1. Can I apply for free using the Common App?

Yes, From October 16 to October 29, you can apply to up to five SUNY schools without paying any application fees. You can use their Official website or the Common App to apply for it. You can use either of these modes to enjoy this opportunity.

2. Do I need a special CODE?

No, you don’t need any special code. It’s quite simple! If you submit your application for admission during the free week period, here’s what will happen:

ApplySUNY (Or via their official website):- If you use this method to apply then while filling out the application you get to the part where you usually pay, and it will show that the application fees for the first five campuses are waived. That means SUNY will take care of the fees for you.

Common App:- If you use this method to start the application then you’ll need to apply to each SUNY school one by one. On the page for each SUNY school, you’ll see a question that asks “if you want SUNY to pay your application fee”. If you say “Yes,” then the fee will be waived for that school.

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3. Can I get a refund if I applied before the free application period?

Unfortunately, if you have applied before October 16 or after October 29, 2023, the free application offer won’t apply. SUNY won’t be able to refund any application fees for applications sent in before or after those specific dates.

4. I already got 7 fee waivers. Can I get 5 more?

It’s important to note that the maximum number of fee waivers a student can receive is 7. If you have already crossed this limit then you will not be able to get the more benefit.

5. Where can I find more fee waivers?

In addition to the Free App Weeks, SUNY also has more opportunities for fee waivers. They’re designed to help out many high school seniors in New York State. If you’re in foster care, have connections to the military, are a low-income student, or go to certain high schools, you can apply to up to seven SUNY campuses for free.

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SUNY’s Free Application Week (October 16 to October 29) is a unique chance to apply to five SUNY schools without application fees. No special codes are needed, but remember, this offer is strictly within the specified dates.

Keep in mind, that a maximum of 7 fee waivers can be received, regardless of circumstance. For those not covered by Free App Weeks, SUNY provides ongoing fee waivers for qualifying students.

Note:- We are not affiliated with SUNY. The prime focus of this Article is to share information related to SUNY Free Application Week.

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