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You want to see the latest Sunny Deol Sons-Rajvir Deol and Karan Deol Photos.

Sunny Deol is a Bollywood actor who is famous for the top hit movies of all times Like Border, Gadar: Ek Prem Katha and many more.

His movie “Gadar: Ek Prem Katha” won the heart of every Indian.

Moreover, his “Border” movie is also very famous. These movies are the most popular movies of him. There are many fans of Sunny who want to know about his sons.

And I am sure if you are here then you also want to know about Sunny Deol sons.

Guys, If you really want to know about his sons then Keep reading this post until the end.

In this post, I have shared little info about them.

Sunny Deol Sons

Sunny Deol has two cute sons. Both the sons have the same look as his father.

He loves his sons very much and he is a very responsible father. He takes care of his sons very well.

Also, helps his sons in every possible aspect.

He is like a future guider of them. He guides his sons for their bright future.

Moreover, Just like father Sunny’s sons also have the same passion for acting. They also want to become big actors in Bollywood.

In fact, one of his sons has already taken a step into Bollywood. While the other is ready to take it.

Children Name

  1. Rajvir Deol (younger son)
  2. Karan Deol (Elder son)

The name of Sunny’s sons is Rajvir Singh Deol and Karan Singh Deol. Rajvir is the younger son of the Sunny whereas Karan is the Elder son of him.

Rajvir is currently learning acting from London. He will soon take a step into Film Industry.

Moreover, Karan Deol has already started his career in the Film Industry.

Rajvir Deol and Karan Deol Photos

These are some of the images of Karan Deol and Rajvir Deol. There are many images of Karan are available on the internet.

But there are limited images of Rajvir has been shared on the internet.

The reason behind this is that Karan has started his career in Bollywood and Rajvir has not started it yet.

There is one more reason that the Deol’s family doesn’t like to share their personal life on the Internet.

That is why there are only some images of Rajvir are available on the Internet.


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