Sunita Kapoor Photos-Anil and Sunita Kapoor marriage photos

Who doesn’t know about the Sunita Kapoor? She is Anil Kapoor’s wife.

She is a beautiful woman who is popular because of her husband Anil Kapoor.

Fans of Anil wants to know about her wife. They are also searching for her images.

Today, In this article, I will share her photos. I will also share their marriage pictures and many more.

So get ready to watch her latest images of 2020.

Check out this article “Sunita Kapoor Photos 2020“.

Before showing you images of Anil Kapoor’s wife. Let me give you little detail about her for those who don’t know much about her.

Most of the people think that She is a housewife but it is not the truth she was the best Fashion Designer of early time.

Not only a fashion designer, but she was also a famous model of her time.

But she left all this after marriage with Anil kapoor. She left her career for her love.

You can check more about wife of Anil here.

Sunita Kapoor photos

Wife of Anil Kapoor-Sunita kapoor biography-Age-Images-Love story

This is her old-time images. You can see how did she look in her old times. It is the pictures of her when she was doing modeling and she was so young.


Sunita Kapoor Photos-Anil and Sunita Kapoor marriage photos

Check this Anil Kapoor Wife Photo, they were the best couple of their time.

There love story was not less than a filmy love story.

Their parents are against their but still, they fought for their love. At last, their parents agreed to their marriage.

Marriage Photos 

Check this Anil and Sunita marriage photo. It is a very old picture.

Their marriage was held on 19 May 1984. It is approximately 34 years has been passed of their marriage.

They also have one son and two daughters. They all belong to the Bollywood industry.

Son is an actor in the Bollywood industry and one of the daughters is an actress and another is a producer.

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This is all about “Sunita Kapoor photos 2020”. Hope you liked this article. Comment below if you want to ask anything.

Thank you.

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