How to use Student Attendance App & get it on PC or Android

What is the student attendance app?

Gone are the days when teachers used registers to capture a student’s presence or absence. With COVID-19 closing in, schools, colleges, and different other educational institutes are having a hard time setting up online classes. When online classes began teachers did not know how to take attendance. But now with these student attendance apps in place, it is no longer a challenge at all.

Online education necessitated the use of several students’ attendance apps. These apps can be used to capture students’ attendance right from their online presence. Most of the apps are easy to use and even teachers with minimum knowledge of computers can use the students’ attendance apps. Now teachers can even use the apps for their classrooms.

How to use Student Attendance App?

Student Attendance App

To use the student attendance app, just simply perform these steps.

  1. The school headmaster has to log in to the app regularly.
  2. From the app, press on the Synchronize tab present in the dashboard.
  3. Sync the information of every child in the app. You will not be able to capture the attendance of every child without synchronizing the details.
  4. Once done, now the attendance can be captured class-wise and section-wise.
  5. By default, every child will be marked present and if someone is absent then uncheck the box against their name.

How to Student Attendance app Download?

The Student’s attendance app can be downloaded from Google Playstore.

Install on Android

How to Student Attendance App download for PC?

To download the student attendance app; here’s what you have to do.

  1. Simply download an emulator from the appstore on your PC.
  2. Now open Google Playstore from the emulator.
  3. Download the app in the emulator’s environment.
  4. Finally, the app can be operated from the Student Attendance app environment easily.


The Student Attendance app is one of the attendance apps in store for those schools and colleges that operates remotely. If you need to know more about the app refer to this informative piece.

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