Struck by Luck App Florida Lottery: How to Use [2023-Guide]?

What is struck by luck app Florida lottery?

The state of Florida launched a new $10 Struck by Luck game and the players have a chance to win prizes worth up to one million dollars. The game is quite generously giving away rewards. The game has proposed 7 million winning tickets. It is planning to give off almost $176.4 million cash as a prize and the winning odds in the game is 1:3.36. 

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How to use struck by luck app?

Using the Struck by Luck app is easy as the app is having a user-friendly interface.

  • Players can buy tickets and then click on the money bag symbol to reveal the ticket.
  • Additional scratch-off games can be accessed from the sidebar indexing such games. Games like Triple Crossword, Crossword Cash, Magic 8 Ball, and 3 Times Lucky are some of the new scratch-off games.

Players can play in this manner;

  • You will have to scan your ticket barcode or enter the ticket details.
  • Click the lightning bolt symbol to know the winner.
  •  To check your ticket details click on the Check your ticket option.
  • Enter the game or book the ticket number.
  • Add the entry code
  • Click on the Submit option.
  • The Jackpot details can also be checked by entering the gamebook ticket number and the game entry code in the View Jackpot tab.

App Features

There are a few noteworthy features of the app that make it interesting.

  • Ticket bookings can be done for checkered prizes.
  • The latest Jackpot amount information is possible to retrieve from the site.
  • Customized information about Storm and Jackpot winning information can be retrieved from the site.
  • Near Me is a segment on the map that gives you an estimated Jackpot and Hurricane Winning Locations.

App Reviews

Apart from the general complaint whereby people say that the app crashes every time they try to launch it; other functions of the app seem satisfactory. People winning from the participation are going back to it for more games. More reviews need to come up for the app to truly judge it. 

Is it Safe?

It is an extremely safe app and people have not complained at all about safety issues while using it.

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