How to Standard Bank App reverse debit order more than R200?

Standard bank is an operating bank of South Africa. It offers banking facilities for individuals, businesses, huge corporate and different other government and non-government institutions. Online banking services are available with the Standard Bank app. By using the Standard Bank app, you can do a lot of things including making payments easily. 

However, payments made wrongly can be a troublesome affair, since the online services do not permit reversal beyond R200.

How to reverse payment on standard bank app?

Standard Bank App reverse debit order

If you have made a payment of R200 or less then you can file a reversal following these steps.

  • After logging into your internet banking app, go to the dashboard.
  • From the Account Summary, tap on the Transact option from the upper portion of the Menu bar.
  • From the Manage category, choose the Reverse debit orders tab.
  • Debit orders of R200 and less can be selected from the list of payment options.
  • Choose the payment for which you want to file a reversal.
  • Tap the reverse tab present on the right side of the payment order.
  • From the dropdown list choose the reason why you wish to reverse the amount.
  • Choose the Next tab, and then click on the disclaimer check box. 
  • Once you click the next tab you complete the reversal request.

Your reversed payment would be reimbursed within 2 business days.

Currently, the payment feature reversal option is not available on the Standard bank app. You either need to visit the branch or call the help center unit at 0860 123 000 number. The call or request for reversal must be made within 45 days from the date of payment.

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How to Standard Bank reverse debit orders of more than R200?

To reverse debit orders of more than R200, you will have to call the call center at 0860 123 000. Ask for their help with the reversal of the amount after calling them.

How to reverse credit card payment – standard bank?

Visit your nearest branch or call the customer care facility at 0860 123 000.

How long does it take to reverse payment on a standard bank app?

Reversal of orders of more than R200 takes more than 40 days. Reversal of orders less than R200 can, however, be done in 2 days.

Standard bank reverse payment contact number

There is just one contact number that handles all Standard bank-related queries. The number is 0860 123 000.

How much I will be charged to reverse a Payment?

The payment reversal amount is determined by Standard bank. The amount you need to pay as a payment reversal fee will be informed to you via the bank. 


As we have seen above, reversal of payment amounts less than or equal to R200 can be requested online. However, that is not the case with amounts more than R200.  For them, you need to either visit the Standard bank branches or call the call center.

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