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The special Covid-19 social relief of distress grant has been issued by the president of South Africa for South African nationals who have been impacted negatively by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The SRD grant has been declared to deal with the National State of Disaster. The individuals or households who have suffered due the Covid-19 pandemic, and have lost their jobs, UIF payments, or other social grants have been given the R350 grant which is going to continue for 6 months. banking details application

The individuals or families who qualify for the grant would require to provide their banking details to the government to process their funds each month.

If people wish to change their banking details, then they have to do so by requesting a change of banking records from the portal. You have to visit the portal from a computer and then go to the banking tab and fill in the new details.

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How to application form pdf download?

Here are the steps to download the application form:

  • Click on the given link and then on the upper right-side corner of the application form you will see four icons.
  • One of the icons would be for download. You have to click this icon and then wait for the download to complete.

How to srd grant application status check?

You can click the link here for application status check. application for reconsideration

While applying for the SRD grant, if your application was declined the first time and you still didn’t have a job or means of financial support, then your application can be reconsidered.

The reconsideration is open for people whose applications were rejected for some reason by the office. Those who want their application to be reconsidered, have to click the given link here and then fill up the South African applicant ID number and the phone number you used to apply the first time. After this, click the PIN option to get a new PIN. Enter the PIN the you have received on your phone number and then wait for the application to be reconsidered.

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