Spotify Instafest: How To Create Your Own Festival Lineup? 

Spotify has been the most streamed music application with more than 36 million yearly users from North America only. 

Considering the efforts Spotify makes to keep its subscribers, be it the user interface of the app, the features, or the festivals it’s only justified for the users making their way to Spotify.  

In 2022, Spotify came up with its wrapped feature which allows users to share their favorite artists, songs, etc. 

While Spotify is yet to come up with the results, they simply don’t want their subscribers to stop having fun. They have created another app that has become a buzz in social media. Yes, The instafest app! 

So, are you excited to create your Instafest festival lineup? If so, this article is all you need! 

What is Spotify Instafest?

Instantfest is a third-party app created by Anshay Saboo a student at the University of California. The app uses the data from your Spotify app to create graphics of your most listened artists. This is what the Spotify instafest looks like: 

This is indeed a dream come true for many music lovers. This list is presented in the form of three days festivals which you can share with your peers over social media. Just like the Sportify pie chart, the instafest will soon be flooding all over the social networks. 

How to get instafest Spotify?

Of course, it is tempting, isn’t it? Do you want to know how you can get the Spotify instafest? Well, it’s quite simple. You need not even install the instafest application for this one. You can get the job done by heading to the Istafest app site. 

Next, you have to log into your Spotify app. Once you log in instafest will have permission to access your listening history and voila! There’s your instafest lineup right in front of you. 

Once you create a lineup you will also see a range of other activities. Your lineup will have three headings. More importantly, you will be given a basic score from 1-100. Now, what’s that? Well, we have a section altogether for this one. Keep scrolling to find out. 

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How to make your own Spotify festival lineup using Instafest App?

Can’t hold yourself back anymore? Well, here are the steps to create and customize your own Spotify lineup either on your computer or on your smartphone. 

1. Install the Instafest App. 

2. Once installed it will ask you to sign in with different apps. Choose the Spotify app.

3. Enter your login credentials. 

4. Tap on the agree and continue buttons. 

5. Now, select the customize option and tap on the lineup options available. ( Three lineup options are available, 4 weeks, 6 weeks, and all time)

6. There are three background style options, Mojave Dusk, LA Twilight, and Malibu Sunrise. Choose one from them. 

7. Next, there will be an option to hide your user name. You can give your preference. 

8. Finally all you need to do is save your edits, download them and share them across social media. 

It’s fun to try out different backgrounds and lineup options. The all-time and six-week lineup options will display a three days festival lineup for you. However, for 4 weeks the app will only create one lineup.

Instafest seems like an appetizer for the much-awaited Spotify Wrapped, which will create a deeper analysis of your listening habits throughout 2022. Therefore, if you’re restless for the Spotify wrapped, why not try using Instafest meanwhile to build your own ideal festival lineup?


Instafest is just a glimpse of what Spotify Wrapped is about to bring up! Creating your Instafest lineup and sharing it across with music lovers is going to be fun. So what are you waiting for? Get the instafest app and start analyzing your top plays right away! Let the world know the artist you are crazy about. 


How do I find my Spotify Fest?

You can see your Spotify Instafest on the third-party app by clicking on the website, on your phone or desktop.

It’s quite easy to get your Spotify Instafest app. YOu have to go to the instafest app on your phone or desktop.

There you have to sign in to your Spotify account. Once you sign in, the application will be able to access your activities on Spotify. 

The app will analyze your listening history for the past few weeks or of all time and display the list of 36 top artists that you have listened to. 

The concert date of your Instafest will begin from the day you make your first festive lineup and last for two more days consecutively. You can choose to add fest after your username as the name of the festival or simply keep it Instafest. As we mentioned earlier, there are varieties of background options to choose from. You can either keep it “Malibu Sunrise,” “LA Twilight” or “Mojave Dusk.”

When all the designing is done from your end, you can save and share the image on social media. Ever since the app has come out from hiding, people are constantly sharing their Instafest all over social media.

What is Basic score Instafest?

There’s a ‘Basic Score’ given under the lineup. Clicking on it will give users an idea of what it is.

Under the lineup, you will find a Basic score section. If you click on it, Spotify will display a score of 1-100. If your score is less that implies there are more number of artist in your preferred genre. Whereas more score means the festival features the most popular artists. 

The Basic Score can also be shared with the lineup if desired. To add it to the festival lineup, select “Show my Basic Score” from the customization menu.

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