How to keep a snap streak without the other person replying [2024]

To keep a snap streak without the other person replying can be done in three ways-

  • Edit the Friend’s name

You can edit your friend’s name and bring all of them up by adding a particular prefix to all those friend’s names with which you have a snap streak.

  • Set up a reminder and send a snap at a particular timing 

You can set up a Snapchat streak timer so that you can be reminded to send a snap at a particular time of the day. Like if you set a reminder for morning or evening, you can send a snap at a particular time to all your friends so that you don’t have to remember sending snaps during different parts of the day.

  • Report to Snapchat if your streak goes off

If your snapstreak goes missing but if you remember sending a snap every 24 hours, you can raise a report with Snapchat, by notifying them stating, your snapchat is not working.

Then you will be asked to fill a form as a notification.

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How to save a snap streak after losing it?

keep snap streak without other person replying

 If you have ever lost a snap streak, you can follow the below process to retrieve it.

  • – Go to the Snapchat website through Chrome or Safari web browser
  • – On the right-hand side, you will find an option which says that your snapstreak has disappeared.
  • – Choose the option after scrolling down you will find an information sheet to fill.
  • – In it, you will have to put your Snapchat username, email address and mobile number.
  • – Now you will have to enter the device from which you lost your Snapchat streak- iPhone, iPad, or Samsung.
  • – Next, mention in the text box that you had connectivity issues when you were sending a message that said you couldn’t refresh and were asked to try again.
  • – Complete the request by completing the captcha and then click on the Send button.

This way the Snapchat people will understand you had connectivity issues and they would restore your snap streak.

How many times do you send streaks a day?

You can send streaks as many times as you want but at least you must send it once every 24 hours to save your streaks.

If you send someone snaps, but they don't reply or open them, will the streak stay alive?

If you send someone snaps and they don’t open it, it won’t matter. You will have to send and receive a streak you don’t have to open it. However, you may also use the above mentioned techniques to keep it alive even if the other person is not sending it.

To keep a Snapchat streak, do you have to open the snaps sent to you?

Yes, you will have to open Snapchat streaks sent to you as a good gesture. But if you have sent a snap at least, it is more than enough. However, there are ways stated above that can be used to retain snapchat streaks without opening them.

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