How to Play Sky Children of the Light Game & Get Taller?

Last updated on February 15th, 2022 at 01:57 pm

Enchanting games that take our breath away have always been welcomed with open arms. The game called Sky, children of the light is a game that shows us the sky and a hidden world around it.

Get ready to explore the world of the sky. It is a beautiful kingdom that fills your heart with love.

Game Details

Game NameSky Children of the Light
Size7.6 MB
Current Version1.0
Ratings4.7 stars
Android Required8.0 and up

In this game, you will be in the world of the sky. The kingdom is so beautiful that it fills your heart with love. You are the children of light and you have to spread hope and love in the kingdom.

sky children of the light game

Millions of people loved this game and have good ratings and reviews on the play store. Get ready to explore the kingdom and uncover the mystery. Meet with new players from all over the world and team up with them.

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  • Support each other in the journey full of adventure & darker realms.
  • Save the spirits and explore ancient treasures.
  • You can share gifts of light between players to strengthen your friendship with them.
  • There are so many characters available. You can customize and choose your character.
  • Music and graphics of the game are mind-blowing.

How to Play the “Sky children of the light” game?

To play the game, you will have to explore seven realms and make it through the peaceful Universe. In this game, one has to help the star spirits get back home.

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  1. Basic user controls are simple and easy to handle for any newcomer.
  2. Wings recharge when they are near a light source.
  3. There are different currencies used in the sky including hearts, candles, and ascended candles.
sky children

Once you have downloaded the “Sky Children of the Light Game” from your iOS or Android Playstore, you can start playing the game.

  1. From the right-hand corner, access the Settings option giving you access to your graphic settings, bug reports, and IAP stores.
  2. Click on the public chat option at the lower right corner to talk to other people in the game.
  3. From the upper left corner, you can check your daily quest reports. You can find out how many wing pieces you have from here.
  4. The more winged light you can collect, the higher you can fly by upgrading your wings.
  5. Find spirits freeing them from their slumber to add to constellations.
  6. From the Home base, you can return to any area you missed earlier.
  7. Each constellation is full of different expressions that you need to understand.

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How do you get taller in the “sky children of light”?

The permanent resize spell is what allows one to grow taller or shorter. There are thirteen achievable heights and all of them can be achieved by using the resize spell. 

There are five ways from where you can use.

  1. However, you have to purchase the resize spell from the Forgotten spell shop. 
  2. You can also acquire it randomly while purchasing a 5-candle blessing. 
  3. It can even be bought from the Sleepy Traveller’s boat.
  4. By using the Chibi mask, one can change their height. To procure the mask one must go to the ancestor spell shop and buy it in exchange of 20 hearts.
  5. Using the shrink potion one can effectively change their height by receiving the blessings of one and/or five candles.

What are sky children of the light traveling spirit?

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Traveling spirits are available from Thursday to Sunday for a total of 96 hours. Before their departure, the countdown shows the amount of time remaining for you to interact with the spirits.

How to Install & Download?

Sky Children of the Light Game” is Easily Available on the Google Play Store & Apple App Store. You can install the game directly from there. If you are facing any difficulty in Finding the game then don’t worry here I am sharing the official Game Links.


To conclude, the game is a wonderfully designed platform where you can play with spirits and the sky. If you are planning to play the game, download the file and start the game.

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