How to Use SK Vax Wallet App & download it for iPhone, Android?

The SK Vax wallet app is an attempt by the government of Saskatchewan and aims to keep a record of the individual vaccination process. It comes with a QR code facility that allows multiple registrations and simultaneous verification of vaccination proofs.

The app does not collect any analytics or data, and the verified vaccination details flash on the app screen only for 10 seconds post which they are removed from the site. Users can easily know their vaccination status through it.

The SK Vax wallet app has to be updated weekly as per the changing vaccine status rules. The app will seek user consent before it downloads new rules. During the launch of the app and the app apk, Paul Merriman, Health Minister of Saskatchewan, Canada, announced that the app aims to ascertain businesses and organizations about an individual’s vaccination details according to the provincial needs and standards.

How to Use SK Vax Wallet App?

SK Vax wallet app

One of the most straightforward interfaces, the SK Vax wallet app, takes a few clicks and taps to navigate. After the application is installed on your device, you will need to login to the device.

  • Post logging in, users need to scan their QR codes.
  • Once you’ve scanned the QR code, you can see your vaccination certificate.
  • Capture a screenshot of the certificate or print it.

How to download SK Vax wallet app for android?

The SK wallet app can be downloaded using the Google Playstore. Search for the app and then tap the Install button to get your app.

How to download SK vax wallet app for iPhone?

The SK Vax app for iPhone is available on the Apple AppStore. Click to download it by pressing the Get button.

Is SK Vax wallet app SAFE?

The SK Vax app is designed to keep the government in sync with the vaccination process among the people of Saskatchewan. It is thus; extremely safe to use, and the app is regularly monitored based on safety parameters.

Is it Legit?

It is a legitimate solution and pays utmost importance to the privacy of data. The app is so precise about privacy that your vaccination data is just with the app for only 10 seconds.


If you are a citizen of Saskatchewan, then vaccination verification is essential. Try this app and read the post on it before going for the SK Vax app.

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