Single-Family Housing Guaranteed Loan Program Application

If you prefer the rural countryside, you can get some help from the government in building up a property for yourself. The rural population often has trouble building homes and maintaining them given they are mostly short of funds. Under Section 502 of the Guaranteed Loan Program, rural families are guaranteed loans from active single-family housing guaranteed lenders. These loans help these people in creating affordable, decent, safe, and moderate sanitary dwellings for themselves.

The government plans to improve their lives and living. These people can thus use the government money to create a home for themselves. All of these facilities are covered under the single-family guaranteed housing loan program.

Points to remember

  • There is no time limit for the application that can be done all year round
  • People have 38 years to pay back the loan
  • Take the loan from a lender whose name is there on the State list of lenders
  • Fix a lender who gives you a loan at a lower rate

What is single-family housing guaranteed loan program?

A single-family housing loan allows lenders to construct, rehabilitate, improve, relocate, or purchase eligible dwellings in rural areas. The government provides 100% financing opportunities with a 90% loan note guarantee to the lenders. In that way, the government can bring down the risk of 100% loan extension to the homebuyers in rural areas, and that way there is no money going down for the approved lenders.

Their affordable homeownership will allow individuals to make homes a reality thus promoting prosperity in families. This way it leads to the creation of thriving and growing communities thus improving the life’s quality in the rural areas. Usually, lenders who participate are the ones who give out the amount to these rural applicants bettering their lives and world.

Single Family Housing Guaranteed Loan Program Application

Family Housing Guaranteed Loan Program Application Process in Steps

The single-family housing loan program application process requires one to contact verified lenders. Once you choose a particular lender and have spoken to them, you can start the application process.

The application is available with the local RD office all year round. You can find your local RD office from this given link here.

The application forms are available with the RD offices and all you have to do is take a form from them and fill it up.

What are the Application Requirements?

The application requirements consist of the following conditions;

  1. One must be without a decent and safe place that is without proper sanitary housing.
  2. You must be ready to make it your primary residence.
  3. Your legal capacity must be such that you can take up a loan obligation on your head for yourself.
  4. Federal programs should not have suspended or debarred you from participation.
  5. You should be a citizen or eligible non-citizen.
  6. To be eligible for the loan, you will have to show that you failed to obtain the loan from any other sources.

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Who is Eligible for Single Family Housing Loan?

For the properties to be eligible, they must fulfill the following conditions.

  1. The property must be up to 2000 square feet or less than that.
  2. You must not be building the property for generating income or income-related activities in any way.
  3. The area must not have a market value more than the applicable area’s loan limit.
  4. Borrowers must return all of the loan or a part of it when the borrower is no longer living in the house anymore.
  5. To find an eligible area, refer to this link for more information.
  6. Apart from purchasing the lands, one can use it for sewage and water facility improvement alongside buying and preparing sites.

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Program Benefits

There are certain program benefits of signing up with the Single-Family Housing Guaranteed Program.

1. There is no requirement for down payments.

2. Low rates for the loans.

3. The credit scores required are less

4. Origination fee is low for the borrowers

5. There is a complete streamlined refinement process


How does single family Housing guaranteed program works?

The chief process here is to find a lender for yourself and once you have found a lender, you will have to file an application. The application goes to the local office where the loan is given out to the borrower by the lender for a 30+year fixed rate. Interest rates depend on the lender and very poor people get 38 years to pay back and moderate people get 33 years to pay back.

Is it Legit?

The Federal government is behind the loan structuring and has a list of lenders that is updated regularly. One can only try to get the loan through eligible lenders to ensure they are put up with the right people.


This is all that you need to know about the Single-Family Housing Guaranteed program. If you want to apply for it, ensure you read the details from here, and to find out what you can do with it, you can follow this link.


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