Is Shein is coming back to India? When will Shein reopen in India?

Shein helps shop and is a platform meant for shopping fashion items (men’s, women’s clothing, accessories, shoes) and other requirements can be found here. Whatever you need, you simply have to log into your Shein app as it offers a one-stop solution for parties, marriages, get-togethers and so much more. 

Shein’s site remains banned in India following the ban on Gen Z’s favorite fashion players in June 2020. After Shein was banned in India, it tagged up with Amazon and would now be available in India through Amazon’s platform.

You can simply set a filter to ensure you get to see all Shein products by selecting Shein from the Amazon filter used for the company section.

Is Shein back in India

Is Shein is coming back to India on Amazon?

As per the sale banner, the Shein app in India is trying to make a comeback through Amazon’s platform.

The Shein is coming back to India and is supposed to be launched back in India at the midnight of 26th July and 27th July. The popular shopping destination, Shein was blocked in India for being a Chinese fashion brand.

When will Shein reopen in India?

 Shein app in India is supposed to launch back at the midnight between 26th and 27th July.

Is Shein launching in Amazon?

Yes, launching would be through Amazon for Shein in India.

Will Shein still deliver in India after the ban?

The delivery would not be directly from Shein but through Amazon, so if you purchase anything from Shein it will come to you through Amazon parcels.

Alternative of Shein app

 Myntra, Voonik, Dresslily, SBL (StalkBuyLove), 20Dresses, Vajor, Flipkart, Jabong are some of the alternatives of the Shein app.


Is Shein a Chinese app?

Yes, Shein is a Chinese app.

What country is Shein from?

Shein was designed in China and is a market for Chinese dealers.

Why is Shein banned in India?

Since the time Chinese products were banned in India, Shein was also banned in India.

Can we use Shein in India?

Shein is coming back to India through Amazon.

When is Shein coming back to India?

End of July Shein might be here and the tentative date is midnight of 26th and 27th July.

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