Best Ocearch Shark Tracker App for Android & iOS

What is Shark tracker app?

Ocearch has been on a mission to discover the different marine animals of the oceans and includes the cartilaginous sharks of the marine family.

With the help of this tracker, you can easily find out more about the migration of marine animals throughout the oceanic atmosphere. Sharks have been long known to be the balancers of the oceans and they help to keep the waters balanced in all proportions.

To protect the world needs to understand their life habits and their entire life cycle and to enable the study of sharks Ocearch has brought out this Shark tracker.

Best Ocearch Shark Tracker App for Android

These sharks are often caught mid-ocean and tagged with the most supreme technologies which allow their tracking through the satellite mediums easily.

How to use the Shark tracker app?

The MV Ocearch sea laboratory is of a 75000 lb capacity. It has conducted 37 expeditions and has a group of almost 200 researchers onboard. Altogether it has published 55 research papers. The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees (IACUC) are strictly adhered to, and the organization is one of the biggest in studying oceanic life.

The sharks are marked and they can be used to study groundbreaking details, their biological and bodily needs, and intraspecies differences.

The animals are tagged in the process and particular veterinarians and research teams function together. Tracking is done with the help of satellites.

Either login through your web portal or the app and there are not login credentials required.

Once the app is downloaded from Google Playstore or Apple AppStore you can easily create an account with them, read about the studies on board and so much more comes up.

To keep track of the favorite aquatic creatures, you do not even need to even sign in, you can trace your favorite sharks and keep a tab on their movement right from your system or device.

Right in front of you is the big, wide ocean and all you have is the aquatic ecosystem hanging right in front of you.

How does the Shark Tracker app work?

To study their migration patterns and their lifecycles, they are caught using handlines and then brought into the M/V Ocearch vessels located on submerged platforms.

Tagging, spotting, acoustic, accelerometers, and morphometrics can be easily recorded and studied. 

 How to do great white shark tracking?

Tracking your favorite great white sharks can be easily done using a smartphone. Simply login and then start tracking them through the oceans.

 App features

Several distinctive app features can help in provisioning the best of this app.

– The app is designed to track the migratory pattern of these aquatic animals.

– It presents to you real-time data of the tagged animals.

– The tracker also is responsible for calculating the distance between the sharks, marine animals, and the user.

– The latest pings can be seen via the location tracking device attached to the app.

– You can also receive updates from its members and interact with different community members using the app.


Does the Shark Tracker app works?

Yes, it works for both- the sharks as well as the observers and scientists.

What is the best shark tracker app?

The Shark Tracker app by Ocearch is the best shark tracker app being used in recent times. It’s the most accurate, intuitive, and the best in the market.

Is there an app to track Sharks?

Several smartphone applications can help you track sharks.

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