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Shaheed Udham Singh was a true national revolutionary. He spent his whole life for his country and died for his country. Many people want to know about their history in detail. Here you will find every detail about him.

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The name of this great national revolutionary was Udham Singh. His other name is Sher Singh. In childhood, people were known him with this name.

But after, he took admission to Khalsa Orphanage, they changed his name and gave him a new name Udham Singh. He was born in the small village of Patiala Punjab that is Sunam.

His date of birth was 26 December 1899 and his age was only 51 years when he died. He died on 15 July 1940.

He was sentenced to hang till death by the central court of Landon in the murder case of Michael who was responsible for the Jallian Vala Bagh incident.


Father name- Tahal Singh

Brother- Mukta Singh

His father’s name was Tahal Singh who was a watchman at the railway crossing. He also had a brother. His brother’s name was  Mukta Singh and his other name was Sadhu Singh.

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His life took a turning point when a very sad incident happened to him. It was the incident of Jallianvala Bagh. Udham was there on 13 April 1919 on the day of Baisakhi when the thousands of innocent people were killed by the order of General Reginald Edward Harry Dyer while they were doing a peaceful meeting.

After this sad incident, Udham Singh’s life changed completely. He had a fit of anger inside him for the culprits of this incident. This anger made him a revolutionary.

After that incident, he left India for some time and went to the United States. But he again returned to India soon in 1920.

But Udham Singh did a mistake, he carried revolvers with him and his bad luck, he arrested by the Amritsar police with those revolvers.

So, In the case of Arms act, he went to jail for four years. In 1931, he released from jail and return to Sunam, his hometown. But he didn’t stay there, he again returned to Amritsar and opened a paint shop.

He was very much impressed by the revolutionary activities of Bhagat Singh and also wanted to become a revolutionary like Bhagat Singh. He started following him like his guru.


After some time, Udham Singh again left India and went to England. But the anger of revenge for Jallian Vala Bagh incident was still in his heart.

After a long wait, he got a chance to take the revenge of all the innocent peoples who were killed in Jallian Vala Bagh. On 13 March 1940, he killed the Michael O’Dwyer.

Michael was the governor of Punjab when the Jallian Vala bagh incident took place and also responsible for that incident. That is why he targeted him and shot him with a pistol and Michael fell down on the ground and died at the moment.

Udham Singh stayed there, he did not try to escape. He started giving slogan continuously.

After that, he was arrested by the police. They charged the murder case on him. The central court sentenced his punishment of death in a murder case of Michael on 4 June 1940. At last on 15 July 1940, Udham Singh was hanged in jail of Landon.

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