How to set up Venmo with a google voice number?

What should you do to sign up with a google voice number on Venmo? Here the answer is no. You can not sign up for Google Voice Number on Venmo. Google Voice numbers are considered VoIP ( Voice Over Internet Protocol) by Venmo. However, Venmo can not accept the Google Voice Number to verify the account. Venmo takes VoIP as a security threat or violates the company’s policies.

As a new user at Venmo, you might need to learn how Venmo works; or whether Venmo allows users to use Google Voice numbers. This article is completely written on Venmo and Google Voice numbers.

How to set up Venmo with a google voice number?

Venmo with Google Voice Number

It is not possible to set up Venmo with Google Voice Number. The new users trying to register to Venmo using their Google Voice number need to be accepted. This is because Venmo takes the Google Voice number as the VoIP, which indicates security threats and goes against its policies of Venmo.

Venmo believes it is important to proceed with phone verification to reduce identified risks and cyber crime activities. To make transactions through Venmo, you must register your account at Venmo through a phone number or email.

You must register to your Venmo account through your valid email or correct phone number to receive money if you sometimes try to make payments with the help of a phone number. After the verification process of your phone number, you can easily set the Google Voice number to use on Venmo 

It is simple and easy for you to proceed with phone number verification on Venmo. However, it is only possible to avoid Venmo Voice number verification. If you attempt to begin this process, your account will be banned on Venmo. You do not need to think anymore once you can make the phone verification successfully on Venmo.

Here is the step-by-step process to verify your number on Venmo and make more chances to set up Venmo with a Google Voice number.

1. Open the app

If you do not have your account on Venmo, then first register on Venmo. Visit the official website or open the Venmo app on your phone. Then, move to the next step.

2. Enter the code 5 digit

After completing the first step, you will get the verification code of 5 digits by venmo. You have to enter this code on the Venmo app or official website that you open.

3. Enter a phone number

If you are a new user on Venmo, you must click on the single-person icon. Then click on the You tab. Next, move to the settings option, click on” Change phone number,” and then again place the digits of your phone number. 

4. Enter the code of verification sent by Venmo

You will again receive the verification code of 5 digits in your SMS through Venmo. If you get the code, enter it on Venmo. If you do not receive the code through SMS, you must click on the resend code option on your screen.

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How to use google voice number for Venmo?

To use Google Voice number for Venmo, you must understand both terms separately and know how they interact.

  1. Venmo

Venmo is a free-to-use application on Android and iPhone that lets users make transactions. Venmo is one of the best-paid apps used to make business transactions.

  1.  Google Voice

Google App is another application that provides you with phone numbers linked to your current number. It lets you send texts and place calls with your existing number.

  1.  How to use

If you want to use the Google voice number on Venmo, you have your existing number as the voice-over-internet protocol ( VoIP). But it is also true that Venmo does not accept VoIP numbers due to security threats. 

As we know, Venmo is an application for processing money, which means they are the target and detect scams easily. Venmo operates under high-security standards to protect its policy and keep users safe. This is why Venmo does not accept the VoIP number to use the Google Voice number.

 Keep in mind that the google voice number is not used to set up a Venmo account if you use the VoIP numbers. So, you should verify your phone number if you want to use Google voice number for Venmo.

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Venmo does not support the Google Voice number to verify the user’s account. Venmo considers the Google Voice number as the voice-over-internet protocol, which gives signs of security threat and does not follow the terms and conditions of Venmo.


Does Venmo work with google voice?

No, Venmo is not working with Google Voice because they consider the Google voice number a VoIP Number, which gives signs of security threats. So to prevent security and cybercrime, Venmo only works with phone numbers.

Can I use the google voice number for Venmo?

Unfortunately, you can not use the Google Voice number for Venmo. Venmo does not verify the accounts of users trying to register themselves with a Google Voice number.

Can you use Venmo with a Google Voice number?

No, you are unable to use the google voice number on Venmo. Venmo can not accept users verifying their Venmo account using the Google Voice number. If someone uses Venmo with a Google Voice number, then it will be considered against terms and conditions.

Can I use Venmo without a phone number?

You are only allowed to make transactions, whether sending or receiving on Venmo after this app’s phone number verification process. Any payment sent to your email address or phone number only reaches your Venmo account once your phone number is verified.

Does Zelle work with Google Voice numbers?

Google Voice Numbers, Landlines, Voice over internet protocol need to be qualified for Zelle enrollment. Once you make the transactions with someone, they will automatically add you to your recipient list, so you can easily make transactions with them in the future again.

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