How to Set Out of Office in Outlook 365 Web App?

Have you ever seen out-of-office emails from people? The out-of-office mail option is present with Microsoft Office 365 mailbox. It is obligatory to set them nowadays. People are obliged to set out-of-office emails before leaving office. If you’re leaving your office and have doubt, as to how one can set out of office in Outlook app, Android, iOS or their system’s here’s how you can set out of office mails from out of office Outlook 365 app.

  1. Sign in to Outlook from your web.
  2. From the page’s top, move to Settings, visit View all Outlook Settings, get to the Mail option, and then move onto Automatic replies from the out of office assistant Outlook app.
  3. Toggle the Automatic Replies tab and ‘turn-it-on’.
  4. Enter the start and end date and time for your out of office mails/
  5. If you do not set a date and time, your automatic replies would continue until you turn off the Automatic reply switch.
  6. Now there are three further options to choose from-
  • Calendar blocking for the set period.
  • The automatic decline of invitations received in this period.
  • Reject and cancel meetings.
  1. In the box at the end of the screen, type in a message you wish to send out to people when out of office.
  2. There are two sections- send replies inside the organization and send replies outside the organization. Repeat the process for people outside the organization.
  3. Click the save tab at the end to complete the process.

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How to set out of office in Outlook mobile app [Android]?

Set Out of Office in Outlook 365 Web App

The process of setting out-of-office mails is not that different between different devices, except for a few steps. These steps differ based on which device you’re using. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Click on the three horizontal bars for the Menu tab on the left once inside the app.
  • Press on the Settings option and then click on the account you wish to set out-of-office replies.
  • Click on the automatic replies tab next.
  • Slide the switch for people inside and outside the organization.
  • Write the message you want people to see for your out-of-office mail.
  • Once done click on the check tab.

How to set out of office in Outlook app iPhone?

Android and iPhone have similar steps, except a few. To set an out-of-office mail in iOS devices, use the following steps.

  • Click on the Menu tab from the left-hand side of the app.
  • Open the Menu Settings by clicking on the gear icon.
  • Click on the account you wish to set an out-of-office mail.
  • Turn on the Automatic reply tab.

How to set out of office in Outlook desktop app?

 Follow the way given below.

  • Choose the File and then Automatic Reply.
  • Select ‘Send Automatic Replies.’
  • Select inside and outside the organization options separately.
  • Set the mailboxes and then click on save your Settings.

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