How to use Service Victoria QR Code App?

The Service Victoria QR code app is free to use for all businesses, clubs, events, and organizations. The services can help get in touch with tracers to prevent the spread of COVID-19. If any facility feels, it is visited by a potential COVID-19 patient, they can use the app to inform the local authorities who would personally visit the store or club or organization to get further information about what can be done. 

Venues like hospitality facilities, supermarkets and indoor recreation and community sports, outdoor physical sports centers, pools, saunas, nightclubs, pubs, gaming, spas, steam rooms, funerals, weddings, libraries, and other such services need to use this app compulsorily.

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What is Service Victoria QR code app?

The Victoria QR code app is free to use, and there are many other solutions available for businesses. People using electronic record keeping can easily access the app and the information present in it via the Victorian Department of Health.

The data is stored securely in databases managed by the Service Victoria. The data is deleted from the system automatically within 28 days from the date of inception. The data can only be requested by the Department of Health when required, other than them requesting it, the data would be removed from the database regularly as soon as it completes 28 days cycle.

How to USE QR Code Service Victoria app?

Using the app is simple and the service is completely user-friendly.

  • Open the Victorian QR Service app, and from the bottom of the screen, one has to touch on the contact tracing check-in.
  • Position your phone to focus on the QR code on the poster and then wait for the instructions.
  • Enter your first name, last name and then phone number. Click on the Check-in to this location tab on your QR code check-in Covid Victoria app.
  • Once you see the green tick on your screen, you will know you’re checked in. 

How to download Service Victoria app on Android & iPhone?

The Covid QR code Victoria app is available on Android Google Play Store and Apple app store.

For iPhones the phone should be iPhone 5 or newer and iOS 11 or above.

For Androids, a phone should be newer than 6 years and the operating system should be 6 or newer.

Simply search for the apps in Google lay Store and Apple app store and then click on the Get or install button to download the app.

How to check out service Victoria?

Check out is a simple process, once you’re logged out, you will be completely checked out of the Service Victoria QR code app.

Check out of Vic Gov QR app easily by simply logging out of the app. There is no detailed process of checking out. However, you can know how to check-in using the Service Victorian App.

Service Victoria app not working Solution?

When the scanning is not working, you can do the upload manually.

  • Check in manually by clicking on the icon with a finger pointer asking if one is having trouble checking in manually.
  • One has to type-in the 6-digit code present in the check-in poster.
  • Enter your first name, last name and the phone number and then click on the orange colored tab.

Is QR code Victoria mandatory?

Service Victoria Covid app is still not compulsory but will soon take on the compulsory shape as the QR app becomes mandatory in a short while.

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