How to Send Money through iMessage (Complete Guide)?

The latest feature is quite innovative and hence proven to be a successful foray into our cash-free world. In the days of the pandemic, the contactless payment system was more beneficial than ever. But, you may wonder if the application is easy to use and the best option available to you.

How to send money using iMessage?

iOS 16 Lock Screen

You may already have Apple Pay if you have an iPhone 6 or an upgraded version. It gets embedded into iOS as a part of the wallet app. All you need to use on the Apple pay application is a passcode, face ID, and touch id. 

The Apple pay application’s touch id and face ID form the first layer of security. Other services like Samsung pay employ a fake number system and lag with their payment servers.

 Using Apple pay

As mentioned earlier, many stores back you with Apple Pay. It includes GameStop, American eagle, and Walgreens. Some will get it displayed with an apple graphic at the front. The Apple wallet app will have a couple of more uses. You can store information like boarding passes, game tickets, movies, and info about loyalty programs in one spot. The most pleasing aspect of Apple Pay is that it also functions with your Apple watch. It is easy to tap the side button and keep your release next to the terminal to pay. 

 It permits you to ship payments to other iOS consumers who have accepted the deal. It needs a two-factor authentication set up for the Apple ID.

If you get money from contact, it goes to the virtual cash card. Add the amount to be paid by linking it to the connected account using Apple cash or Apple pay.

Ways to link Apple pay 

 If you like to link to Apple Pay, add your prepaid, Credit, or debit card to the wallet app on the iPhone. You may use your apple watch or any other compatible gadget. Here is all that you require to disburse with Apple Pay App. 

  • A widget compatible with the latest version of IPadOS, macOS, watchOS, or iOS
  • Supported card from participating issuer
  • Apple ID logged into your Apple gadget.

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How can you add one Credit or debit card to the iOS Phone?

  • Head onto the wallet app, and click on the add option
  •  Tap the credit or debit card and add a new one to pay using your iPhone.
  •   Click on the options to add one card.
  •   Choose the continue option and tap on it. 
  •  Get the payment information verified by your bank and card issuer. Provide more info before approving the card to employ on Apple pay.
  •  If you hold an apple watch, you have the chance to employ the debit/card for the Apple Watch.

 Adding one Credit or debit card to the apple watch application  

  •  Use the Apple Watch app on the iPhone and open it.
  •   Go to the watch tab and Click on the Apple pay and wallet option.

Sending cash in the messages app on the Apple cash app

  The Apple cash balance pays by default as you send the amount using Apple cash. If you want to employ a debit card in your wallet, send money using your debit card directly.

  •   Click on the messaging App and open it. 
  •  Start a new conversation or click on the existing one.
  •  Click on the cash button.
  •  If you don’t see the cash button, click on the first option.
  •  Note the amount that you desire to ship.
  •  Click on send and review the amount to proceed with the transaction.
  •  Using your face ID or touch id, confirm the payment.

 Cancel the payment if the person you send the money does not hold it.


Can you Cash App through iMessage?

  • Click on the Apple Wallet application and click on the new cash card.
  • Click on the three-dot menu on the right portion of the screen.
  • Tap on Add money button under the card to add money.
  • Note the amount to disburse and tap on add in the right part of the screen.

How do I add Apple Cash to iMessage?

  • Unlock the iMessage application and initiate a chat or tap on an existing one. 
  • Click on the Apple cash button or the first button if you don’t locate the Apple Cash button. 
  • Type the amount to send and add it.
  • Review the transaction or cancel it.

How do I send money through a text message?

  • Go to the iMessage chat and type the amount to be sent.
  • Tap on add and type a word.
  • Authorize the payment using touch ID, face ID, and passcode.
  • If you don’t have enough, pay using the debit card in your wallet.

Can you send someone money through iPhone?

You can add an amount and send cash through your iPhone using Apple Cash. If someone sends you money on iPhone, it gets received and kept in Apple Cash. It allows you to send money to someone or pay using Apple Cash.

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