How to send bitcoin on cash app to another wallet address [2024]?

How to send bitcoin on cash app to another wallet address?

Receiving, sending, buying and selling bitcoins and stocks is possible with the Cash app. To send bitcoin from the Cash app to another wallet address follow the below-given way.

  1. From your Cash app home screen, click on the Bitcoin tab and then press the Airplane button.
  2. Click on send bitcoin (BTC) tab and then either use the QR code scanner or manually enter the external wallet address.
  3. Confirm the wallet address by clicking on the address.
  4. Click on the Next tab and choose a withdrawal speed.
  5. Confirm your transaction and then initiate a withdrawal by clicking on the Send button.

How to buy bitcoin on cash app and send to another wallet?

send bitcoin from cash app to a new BTC wallet

Buying bitcoin on the Cash app began as a process in 2018. Cash app allows its users to not only transact fiat cash but also stocks and cryptocurrencies.

You can buy and simultaneously transfer bitcoins from Cash to some other wallet. Here’s how you can do it.

  1. Open your Cash app account and select the Bitcoin option from the Deposits and transfer segment of Bitcoin.
  2. You might have to enter your email address, and also a rationale for buying bitcoins.
  3. Further, answer a few questions about your income source and also your employment status.
  4. Scan your state-licensed ID and then snap a photo of your face. Press the verify tab and wait for the verification process to complete.
  5. Post verification completion, visit the investment segment and choose bitcoins from the option between stocks and bitcoins.
  6. From the displayed options, click on the buy button for a bitcoin of your choice.
  7. Click on the buy tab and then revise the order overview before clicking the buy button finally.
  8. Choose Done once the process is complete.

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How to send bitcoin from my cash app to new BTC wallet?

Sending bitcoins from the Cash app to a new BTC wallet can be done in the following way.

  1. Click the profile icon from the Cash app home page and then from the fund’s section, choose bitcoins.
  2. Cover the identity verification process and then choose the transfer out/withdraw option.
  3. Either scan the QR code or choose the use wallet address section to manually add the address. You must create the new wallet and add it to the Cash app beforehand.
  4. Post-process completion, confirm it by clicking the tab.

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Here’s a bit about bitcoins and their transfer process from the Cash app to other BTC wallets. Once you know the process, buying and selling bitcoins will no longer be a challenge for Cash app users. Read more of this article to understand more.

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