How to sell stock on Cash App? Step by Step Guide [2024]

How to sell stock on a cash app?

Even though the Cash app is a P2P platform widely used for sending and receiving money, you can also explore stocks and cryptocurrencies through it, you can also explore stocks and cryptocurrencies. Selling and buying stocks and cryptocurrencies is also easy on Cash app.

As users of the Cash app can deal in money, stocks, and cryptocurrencies all at the same platform, it is widely acknowledged as one of the best P2P platforms in the world.

In this discussion, you’d know the way users can sell and buy stocks on the Cash app. Once you learn the process, you will know how easy it is to do such things on the Cash app.

Before we move onto selling stocks, let’s first find out more about how to buy stocks on the Cash app.

  1. Press the Investment tab from your Cash app home screen.
  2. Type in either a company name or add the ticket symbol on the search bar that opens up.
  3. From the available options, choose the company whose stocks you wish to procure.
  4. Click on the buy option and either choose between a preset amount or enter a custom amount.
  5. But you can’t proceed without verifying your personal information. To verify it, you will have to follow the prompts.
  6. Confirm with a PIN or Touch ID, and you can use funds from any of the sources available on your Cash app. Either debit the amount using the debit card linked to your Cash app, or use your Cash app balance.

In the next segment, we will cover the process of selling stocks. The steps won’t be much different from the ones used for buying stocks.

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How to sell stock on a Cash App?

sell stock on Cash app

Here’s how you can sell stocks on the Cash app.

  1. From your Cash app home screen, click on the investment tab.
  2. There will be some options that will come up on your screen, and from them, you need to choose the option of stocks owned.
  3. From the available companies, choose the stocks of the company you want to sell-off.
  4. Choose the sell tab, choose a preset amount, or click on the custom amount and add it.
  5. Finally, confirm the selling on the Cash app with your PIN or Touch ID.


Selling and buying stocks on the Cash app is just a matter of a few taps and clicks. Read the above steps carefully and buy or sell stocks whenever you like with the Cash app.

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