Sehhaty App registration for covid vaccine (Quick Guide)

The Sehhaty app version 2.7.1 is designed to cater to the health service requirements of the people of Saudi Arabia. With the help of Sehhaty, the government plans to disseminate health information and medical e-service facilities to the residents of Saudi Arabia.

It includes but is not limited to COVID-19 test appointment booking, vital sign updates, Coronavirus self-assessment test, medicine tracking for the ones prescribed to people, applying, retrieving, and sharing sick leaves, and many others.

The app is under the strict vigil of the Saudi Arabian Health officials and the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia.

The app is built to share and expand the horizons of the health ministry who aim for standard healthcare among many other goals.

how to sehhaty app download for android ios

How to Sehhaty 2.7.1 app download?

Downloading of the Sehhaty 2.7.1 app can be done from the Google Playstore and Apple appstore.

Simply search for the app and once you have found it, you must install the app on your device by clicking on the Install button provided beside the app on Playstore or Appstore.

How to do Sehhaty app registration?

Once the app is downloaded, click on the Register tab and then fill in your data including your demographics into the app.

Click to enter the verification code and then double-check if the location service is turned on within your device for the app requires it.

– Click on the yellow box which asks you to click on it for booking the COVID-19 test appointment and you can also view the results of your test by clicking on the #Ta’akad centers.

– Now click on the next tab and then fill in the following details-

  • Type of your ID- Iqama, Border number, National ID, GCC.
  • Iqama number
  • Type of calendar you use- Gregorian or Hijri
  • The date of birth should be entered and it should be the same as the one entered with ABSHIR.
  • Now from the next section, enter the mobile number on which you wish to receive OTP for registration.
  • In the next section, you can book an appointment or view the appointment.
  • Once you click on book an appointment, you will be asked a few questions which you will need to answer about COVID exposure and other such questions.
  • You would then next be assigned a nearby test center and in it, select Jeddah as the second station- King Abdul Aziz University, Jeddah.
  • Next, you will have to select an examination date and if you have not found the available date, you will have to try again in an hour or so.

How to use the Sehhaty 2.7.1 app for the Covid vaccine?

Simply register with the app and then once you’re assigned a test center, date, and time, visit it and get your COVID vaccination done for you and your family.

How to update your mobile number in the Sehhaty 2.7.1 app?

  • Log in to your mobile app, click on the profile section, and inside it, go to the mobile number section, and then click on the change mobile number tab.
  • Once you have changed it, you’ll receive an OTP in the newly added phone number, so you’ll have to enter the OTP in the given section.
  • Once verification is complete, you’re all set to receive your notifications in the new number.

How to add wife in the Sehhaty 2.7.1 app?

When you have moved halfway through the registration process you will be asked to fill up in one of the sections whether the vaccination is for you or your dependant.

In case you choose the second option, which is your dependant then you’ll be asked again to fill up the name of your dependant and their details. But this process will open up to you only if you’re an Iqama or you have a National registration.

Sehhaty app customer care number

 You can either write to [email protected] & Helpdesk support can be reached out through this link:

How do I enable location on Sehhaty 2.7.1?

Whenever you’re downloading the app, your app permissions will ask you to permit the app’s use of your geolocation services. Whenever you’re using the app, make sure your geolocation is turned on.

The geolocation helps the app determine your nearest COVID center location or even gives you hospital locations lest you’re not feeling well ever and wish to visit a doctor, so your nearby hospital can be easily located by using the app.


How do I get my Sehhaty medical record number?

On your profile page, you can enter your medical records number, Iqama or national ID number, and your telephone number.

How do I book an appointment at Sehhaty 2.7.1?

While you’re booking your registration, it will automatically guide you towards booking an appointment for your Covid vaccination. Once you receive the time, date, and venue you can easily visit the place at the scheduled time and get your vaccination done.

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