How to see archived Messages on Facebook Messenger App?

There is a new update that has come up for its users from Facebook. The archiving process was already available previously however, people had to manually search for the archived messages and that used to be troublesome for people.

Now with this new feature, you can easily archive and unarchive messages whenever you want. A new folder has come up and goes by the name of the archived folder.

How to see archived messages on the Facebook messenger app?

see archived messages on the Facebook messenger

Follow these simple instructions to find your archived chats.

  • From your Messenger tab, click on your profile photo which comes up in the upper section of the left side of the panel.
  • Here you will need to slide down to the Archived Chats section to unarchive or read your archived chats.

Further, move to on your webpage browser after logging into the Facebook account.

Click on the three dots which appear at the top and then from the automatic dropdown, click on the Archived chats to view or unarchive them.

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How to unarchive message on Messenger App?

From the Facebook messenger window, click on the gear icon which represents the messenger settings.

  • Click on the gear icon.
  • Choose the third option which is the archived chat option.
  • If you respond or react to the thread, you can immediately unarchive it.
  • Simultaneously, once you locate the chat you wish to unarchive, you will need to long-press on the chat which opens up two options on the dropdown- unarchive chat and delete option.
  • Click on the unarchive option to simply move the chat to your main chat folder.

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How to delete archived messages on messenger?

If you wish to delete an archived chat then long press on the chat, and when the two options of unarchive and delete appear, click on the second option of delete to remove the chat from your archived section forever.

Facebook archived messages disappeared? 

It happens in certain scenarios- either the friend is no longer using Facebook (deleted the account or made it inactive). 

There might be some glitches that might result in the disappearance of Facebook messages. This could happen due to cookies, cache files, or some corrupt temporary files in your system. 

Other than these two scenarios there is no way your conversations can disappear.

Ohh! Do remember to check if you have mistakenly archived them or in the worst-case scenario, deleted them from your conversation list.

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