How to add second account to Venmo? Setup 2nd Venmo Account

How do I add second account to Venmo?

You can add a second Venmo account. Individuals having a business account can create a personal account alternately and vice-versa. Venmo allows a personal and business account side by side.

  1. Click on the photo from the upper left corner or press the three lines from the app top.
  2. Now, open the Settings and click on the create business profile option.
  3. Once you have set up your business profile, you can simply switch a flip between your business and personal profiles.

Additionally, with Venmo, you can use the same bank account to create two accounts for two different individuals. In this case, adding a second account to Venmo is possible when someone shares a bank account. But, it is limited to only two accounts and not more than that.

Set up second Venmo account

create second Venmo account

A Venmo account can have a second account only under two conditions.

  1. When two people want to create Venmo accounts with the same bank details.
  2. Separately create two Venmo accounts on two different devices.
  3. The first Venmo account creator will receive a message that the same bank account is getting added to another Venmo account.
  4. The person creating it will not face any trouble while creating the second Venmo account.

But, this process can be used to create only two Venmo accounts. One cannot create more than two Venmo accounts in this way.

2. Second way to have two Venmo accounts is by creating a business account apart from having a personal account. Follow the screen instructions to set up a business profile from a personal profile.

How to create second Venmo account using same Mobile number?

Earlier, Venmo did not allow the creation of two Venmo accounts with the same number. But now, you can create up to two Venmo accounts using the same mobile number. Here’s how to do it;

  • Once you have created both accounts, add the same phone number to the other account.
  • Verify your phone number from both the Venmo accounts.
  • Even when creating both accounts at the same time, you can still use the same phone number.

Can you have two Venmo App accounts with single number?

Yes, you can have two Venmo app accounts with a single number.

Can you link two Venmo app accounts with same bank account?

Two Venmo accounts can be linked with the same bank account. A joint account can be linked with both account holders easily.

Do I have two Venmo accounts with different names?

Venmo does not recognize accounts with your names but with your phone number and email address.

However, cross verification might be a problem since the name on your Venmo account needs to match your bank and phone accounts.

Is it possible to use personal and business Venmo account?

Yes, it is possible to have a separate personal, and business account with the same name, bank account and same profile features.


Here’s a little of what you can and can’t do with a Venmo account. Creating more than two Venmo accounts using the same mobile number and bank account is not possible. Read more of it in the blog whenever you are confused about Venmo.

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