Seattle Based Pet Services App Name Daily themed Crossword Clue

Last updated on February 1st, 2021 at 04:49 pm

Seattle Based pet Services crossword clue: Pets are best friends. But it’s true that you can’t take them with you everywhere!

Either pets aren’t allowed on some trips or there may be some other reason. Just like babysitters take care of your babies, Pet services take care of your pet.

Seattle Based Pet Services App Name

Today, getting a pet service is not that tough as you can book a service online!

So, next time when you go away from your pet, don’t look here and there. We have got your back!

In this article, you will get to know everything about Seattle based pet services app daily themed crossword clue”.

Seattle Based Pet services App Name crossword clue

Why a Pet services app?

While the US has many pet services apps, many people have been looking for the best pet services app in Seattle.

It’s important to book a service for your cherished pet because, in certain excursions, it’s not feasible to take them with you.

If you’re someone who always remains active, you need a good pet care service badly. Now it’s a click away! So don’t think more when you are booking tickets for a trip next time!

Seattle Based pet services app Names Crossword Clue

There are many companies in Seattle that provides Pet services. Some of them are mentioned and explained below.

Daily Themed Crossword game

Nowadays this question has also been asked in the Daily themed crossword puzzle game. So this may help you to get your crossword clue answer.


This is one of the best pet services apps that the best to give your pet home an experience.

They know well that your dog needs 30 minutes of exercise each day so they help your dog to work and live their life to the fullest.

Not just in the daytime but they take care of your pet overnight so they can rest peacefully.

You can also book services for puppy visits which make your puppy learn commands and learn social interaction. You can get a private dog walking service if you can’t take out time daily for dog walks.

Vitus Vet

Monitoring it is good for monitoring a pet’s health. You can see your pet’s weight and keep track of their health when you are not with them on your new phone.

You can know whether your pet needs a vaccine if a restaurant is dog-friendly, and such information with few clicks.

You can also set reminders for everything from medication to scheduling appointments on this app. This app is for dog cats rabbit bird snake or whatever you pet you own. Be it one or more pets, taking good care of their health has never been so easy!

There are more pet sitters in Seattle like Animaluv Pet sitting, Comfy critters pet sitting, JW petcare, sidekick dog sitting and many down the line.

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How to choose the best Seattle based pet services?

Our aim is not to promote any service but to give you correct information.

So you have good research using your phone and book that suits your itinerary.

  • There are many pet healthcare services like Fetch Pet Care, Vitus Vet, Hot Diggity, and more.
  • Going with the popular ones is not always the safest option! Readout what other customers are saying by inspecting their comments and checking star ratings.
  • Always go with the positive rated ones.
  • Also, make sure they maintain cleanliness. See if the staff are well trained or not. Compare the services and then pick one!
  • You can install and use this pet services app on iOS or Android platforms.


There are many pet care providers but their cost may vary according to their popularity. As of January 2021, the average cost can go up to 15 dollars per hour. This price range increases if you have more pets.

You can choose a service for a few hours, for the whole day, for a few days, overnight, or whichever time frame suits you.

You can also so hire a pet care provider for particular services like dog walking, training, social interaction, and medications.

Under pet care services, highly trained caretakers knock on your door and give your pet the attention they crave for!

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