How to enable EMI on SBI debit card online & check Eligibility?

What is SBI Debit Card EMI?

State Bank of India is innovating every day to suit the needs of modern Indians. To help customers, SBI is now offering EMI (equated/easy monthly installment) facilities to all SBI customers possessing a debit card. EMI can be available from online shopping platforms like Amazon & Flipkart and durable goods purchased from stores with a POS (Point of sale) card swiping facility.

Below we explain more about the SBI debit card and the involved EMI process.

How check SBI debit card EMI eligibility?

To check the SBI debit card EMI eligibility, you must follow the below process.

enable sbi debit card emi eligibility
  1. Visit your consumer durable goods website.
  2. Add your mobile number and your bank account number in the given space provided.
  3. If you are eligible for debit card EMI, it will be reflected in the given space.

SBI debit card EMI eligibility check by SMS

Alternatively, you can SMS DCEMI and send it to 5676782, mentioning the last four digits of your debit card details.

How to enable EMI on SBI debit card online?

Activating the debit card EMI is possible for online transactions in the following way.

  1. Choose the products you want to buy from online stores.
  2. After the products are moved to the cart, click on the checkout option.
  3. From the payment page, select the EMI option.
  4. Next, select the tenure for which you want to pay the EMI.
  5. Finish the transaction process with your debit card.

How to activate SBI debit card EMI through net banking?

You can use the SBI debit card online by following the steps mentioned above. Net banking or online transactions can be routed easily to the easy EMI option from the vendor’s portal. 

How to activate EMI on SBI debit card Amazon?

For activating the SBI debit card easy EMI option on Amazon, follow this simple process.

  1. After logging into your Amazon account, and choose the consumer products you want to purchase.
  2. Once the consumer product selections are done, move to the checkout process.
  3. From the payment page, choose the SBI debit card option.
  4. Next, click to check if the products purchased are eligible for EMI.
  5. If your products are eligible for an EMI, you must select the easy EMI option.
  6. Additionally, check if your products are eligible for EMI instant bank discounts.
  7. Finally, fill the tenure for which you want to give EMI and then finish the transaction process.

How to know my SBI debit card EMI limit?

Ideally, to avail of an SBI debit card EMI, you must maintain a recurring or savings fixed deposit with them. 

The total tenure options available to you will be 3, 6,9,12, 18, and 24 months. 

For the first year, interest rates will be 13%, and then it will be 15% for 18 and 24 months. 

The SBI debit card EMI limit offered is 90% of the principal value of the total fixed deposit amount. 

How to increase sbi debit card emi limit?

There is right now no option to increase the SBI debit card EMI limit. Transaction values should be at least Rs. 8000 minimum and cannot go above Rs. 1 lakh,

How to Buy Phone on EMI with SBI Debit Card?

Since mobile phones fall under consumer durables, you can avail of EMI on them. Apply for the SBI EMI online by following the process mentioned above.


Does Flipkart accept SBI debit card for EMI?

Yes, Flipkart accepts the SBI debit card for EMI.

Does amazon accept SBI debit card for EMI?

Yes, Amazon accepts the SBI debit card for the EMI option.

What is the sbi debit card emi processing fee?

SBI does not charge an AMI processing fee.

is EMI available on SBI debit card?

Yes, EMI is available on an SBI debit card if you maintain a recurring or savings fixed deposit with them.

Can I buy a mobile on EMI with SBI debit card?

You can buy a mobile with an SBI debit card on EMI since it comes under the consumer durable good.


Here is a bit about the EMI scheme issued with SBI debit card. If you are planning to take products on EMI, read the information provided herein this segment.

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