How to appeal for SASSA declined application?

SASSA Reconsideration Application

The SASSA reconsideration application can be submitted any time after your original application is declined. If your income was nil in the previous month, you can still apply for the R350 grant.

Reconsideration requests are being granted since the grant promises R350 to all those who are unemployed during the pandemic. If the individual does not have any other alternate source of income, social grant, or UIF payment he or she is eligible for the grant.

sassa reconsideration application appeal

How to appeal for SASSA declined application?

To get reconsidered, you can click on the given link.

  • Add your ID number to prove you’re a South African citizen and then insert your mobile number.
  • Tap on the send PIN button.
  • Once you receive the PIN type it in the given space and click the submit tab.
  • A clear reason must be given by the applicant as to why they disagree with the decision.
  • Add your latest payment status and submit sufficient proofs.
  • The reapplication process must be completed within 15 days from the date of application rejection.

How to Check Sassa reconsideration Application Status?

Checking the application status can be done by visiting the given link.

  • Punch in your government approved South African ID number.
  • Add your telephone number.
  • Click on the send PIN option.
  • Once you receive the mobile PIN, add it in the given space.
  • You can check your application status from here easily.

uif registered SASSA meaning?

Applicants registered with the Unemployment Insurance Fund are supposed to receive grants from them. The applicants must follow up on their applications with UIF instead of applying freshly for a SASSA grant.

Why uif registered SASSA declined? 

Many individuals have been declined a SASSA grant application since they are already registered with UIF. UIF is a social grant and R350 remuneration per month for six months is also given by them. If someone is already enrolled in a UIF program, then he or she would not be considered eligible for a SASSA grant. 

what to do if SRD Grant is declined?

You can appeal again stating the reason for reapplying for the grant. Applicants rejected can apply again but only once.

why SASSA declined my application?

SASSA considers your application if you can prove you had no income during your previous months. You also need to prove you have received no social grants from the government for the specified period. They would cross-verify with all other social grant portals before considering you for the six-month grant.

How Long does SASSA reconsideration application outcome takes?

The case decision would be made in another 30 days from the date when the re-consideration application was submitted.


The SASSA grant is for covering the expenses of the needy. It can help get the ration for a family. Therefore, use this option judiciously and only if you need it. Read this piece to understand the eligibility criteria and circumstances under which you can reapply.

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