How to use Sandes App? Is it the Best Whatsapp Alternative?

The National Informatics Center has created our very own Desi Watsapp. With this app, you can chat, call and send documents or voice messages in the same way as you do with your WhatsApp.

It can internally be used by government employees as of now and is not open to the public. All you need is either a telephone number or an email address to operate the Sandes app.

How to sandes app apk download & USE

How to USE Sandes app?

With the help of the Sandes app, you would be able to pursue normal communications. Messaging, calling, and sending documents and links are possible even with this app.

  • Once you register with the app, you will have to create an account with the app.
  • With this account, you will be able to chat, message, call, send and receive important information.
  • Creating an account involves the use of a telephone number or an email address.
  • The telephone number will be auto-verified by the app once inserted for use of the app.
  • Once verified, you can easily start using the app.

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App features

  • Mobile registration facilities with your mobile and email.
  • Apart from one-to-one messaging, you can also avail of group messaging facilities.
  • Facility to team people under casual and list groups.
  • Video conferencing facility and enhanced chatbot option.
  • Remote backup and data wipeout are some of the major options available with the app.

How to sandes app download & install?

To download Sandes app you will have to go to the following link: https://

  • Here you have three options: the facility to sign in, sign-up, and the opportunity to use the web version.
  • You can simply choose your action.
  • Downloading the app would be possible only for government employees after verification.

Sandes vs Whatsapp

There are a few major differences between the apps.

  1. The first one is that with Sandes you can sign in using even an email address.
  2. With this platform, you will be able to find verified accounts. This process is not available with WhatsApp.
  3. With WhatsApp, you can share photos and videos of 16 MB size. With Sandes, you can send files up to 500 MB in size.
  4. With Sandes you cannot use a different mobile number to use the same account. So, if your telephone number or the email ID is lost you must create a new account for the same.


Who is the owner of Sandes App?

The National Informatics Center is the owner of the Sandes app.

Who developed sandes app?

The National informatics Centre has developed the Sandes app.

Sandes app Belongs to which country?

The Sandes app belongs to India.

Is sandesh app safe?

Yes, the app is absolutely safe to use.

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