How to Get & Register Safepass Cyprus? (A Quick Guide)

Every country is doing its best to bring down the COVID-19 meter. In an attempt to thwart the nationwide fear of the disease even Cyprus now has come up with an app. The app is called the Safepass Cyprus app and is a clean pass that needs to be flashed to enter certain venues and special places. 

What is the Safepass Cyprus app?

How to get safepass cyprus app, registration

With the use of Safepass people can display three primary documents to ensure entry. These documents include the certificate proving the user has at least taken one dose of vaccination, and it is three weeks from the time the drug is administered in the body.

They can also submit proof that says that they have contracted the disease in the past six months and or an antigen test which is done within 72 hours from the date the Safepass Cyprus app is being used.

How to Safepass Cyprus app download?

Google Playstore is working for downloading the Safepass Cyprus app. Now Google Playstore downloads are super easy, wherein you just have to use the search bar to find out your app.

Next, you will have to click on the Install link to get the Safepass Cyprus app installed on your Android device. The Safepass Cyprus app is considered very safe since it uses Blockchain technology to serve the purpose.

How to get Safepass Cyprus?

Safepass Cyprus app can be obtained when you have been either exposed to the disease or have been given one dose of the vaccine.

Additionally, you can also get the Safepass Cyprus app when you have been tested negative within 72 hours from the time of upload. If your PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test turns out negative, it would lead you to the Safepass app.


Those traveling from green countries do not need to do any PCR COVID tests. But for the orange, red, and grey countries Safepass Cyprus requirements are different.

Orange countries need to undergo PCR tests and then need to stay in isolation for 72 hours. The certificate needs to be uploaded to the site.

For red zone countries, one needs to conduct an RT-PCR test and also need to be in 72 hours isolation. 

For the grey zone countries, users need to travel only for certain categories like Cypriot citizens, persons residing in Cyprus, and also EU citizens.

How to download Safepass Cyprus?

The travel to Cyprus is being strictly monitored and you can either download the Safepass covid Cyprus app or you could even open its web browser. The Safepass Cyprus certificate is valid only for traveling and will not hold food in any other situation or circumstance.

You can even register yourself with the web browser and then you can easily download it.

How to do Safepass Cyprus registration?

You can either register through Facebook messenger or the Safepass portal.

It can be done in the following ways.

Register through Facebook messenger

1) Click the Facebook Safepass Cyprus link (

2) Now from here choose 3 to move to Safepass ID.

3) To agree with the terms and conditions you need to click on Yes.

4) Enter your mobile number and then incorporate the one-time password.

5) Enter your 4-digit MPIN or passcode.

6) Once your account is successfully you can create your Safepass account.

Register through the Safepass portal

Go to the Safepass portal, enter your mobile number, an OTP would be sent. Write your full name, and then incorporate the 4-digit MPIN. You can save the message and access the QR code.

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