Safe Entry Singapore App (Corona Virus App Singapore)

Welcome, Guys, Today, I will introduce you to the “safe entry Singapore” app download. If you have not installed this app yet then do it fast because you are going to need it from 12 May.

In Singapore, Every worker, and employee, have to scan a QR code before entering into their companies and workshops after 12 May. Govt. has launched Safe Entry to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in Singapore.

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What is Safe entry app?

App NameSafe Entry
Size6 MB
Current Version1.2
Ratings4.3 stars
Android Required5.1 and up
safe entry singapore app

All there is an epidemic situation in every country due to the coronavirus. Coronavirus is spreading with greater speed in all the countries.

And now, govt. of all the countries whether the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Germany, etc.

Everyone taking the help of applications to control the COVID 19.

There are a lot of apps like safe entry launching daily to solve many COVID 19 issues and update people about this virus.

The same steps are taken by Singapore Govt. to control the spread of coronavirus in Singapore.

They have recently launched the coronavirus app Singapore named Safe Entry.

singapore covid19 app

The motive of launching this Safe entry is to control the movement of people in malls, business buildings, companies, etc.

Before entering any of these places, you need to open a safe entry app and scan a QR code while entering and exiting.

It is already started at some places and after 12 May, It is compulsory to show this QR code to enter in some venues.

Get the latest QR Code now.

Corona Virus App Singapore

safe entry app download

Safe Entry app will keep a record of all the data like Name, Contact Details, Entry, and exit time users enter a venue.

Singapore Ministry of Health said that all these data will be stored safely and securely in cloud servers and only authorized persons could be able to manage these data.

Govt. has launched the SafeEntry app to restrict the unnecessary movement of Singapore people.

As the virus is increasing in Singapore. Daily new cases are arriving. That’s why govt. has taken this initiative to control the COVID 19 in Singapore.

And to make Singapore COVID 19 free and to remove all restrictions.

If you haven’t installed the safe entry Singapore app yet then do it right now because it is compulsory to scan your smartphone to enter a business company, Shopping malls, Train stations, parks, etc.

Safe Entry App Download Link

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