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On 12th May, Singapore Govt. made Safe Entry Mandatory for all businesses. Now, they need to scan the safe entry barcode or QR code of every visitor on check-in and check-out in their business locations.

Moreover, a “Safe entry app” is compulsory for all Singapore citizens. They need to provide their necessary information in every entry/exit in Shopping Malls, Library, Train stations, Parks, and in every venue.


safe-entry-barcode scanning singapore app

Safe Entry is a contact tracing app. It is mandatory for every citizen of Singapore to use it. If you have not installed the app yet then install it now.

How to use SafeEntry Barcode?

Step1:- Go to

Step2:- Scroll down and there you see Safe Entry with NRIC.

Step3:- If you are already registered then login with your business details. If not, then firstly you need to register your business with Safeentry.

Step4:- Now copy your store code from the business dashboard.

Step5:- After that come back to the homepage of the website.

Step6:- Scroll down and click on Scan Visitors.

Step7:- Now Enter your Name and Store code and click on Login.

That’s it. You can also use a handheld barcode scanner to check-in and check out of visitors.

Also, check the Barcode Scanning App.

How to get safe entry QR Code for Businesses?

If you are a registered safe entry business user then go to and click on proceed to the login button.

Now enter your corpPass details and hit the login button. On login, you will get the QR code.

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