Apply S-pass for travel – download S pass Application form

What is S pass application form?

S-paSS is for mid-skilled laborers who earn at least $2500 every month. Those who have the required skill and educational qualification to hold their jobs are eligible for the S-pass.

The application must be made by either an employer or the appointed delegate on behalf of the applicant. The duration for which the application must be made is a minimum of two years. The application can be renewed every two years.

How to fill S pass application form?

S pass application
  1. Open the S pass application form from the given link:
  2. Press the Register tab and add the 10-digit number. Confirm the entry and then press the Next tab for completing the application form.
  3. You must add a password that is 6-character in length, email address and set a password.
  4. Press the captcha box, and now use the Submit button.

What are application Requirements?

These three application requirements must be fulfilled to apply for the S-paSS.

  1. The individual has a requisite degree or diploma. Even a technical certificate of any sort will be considered as a degree. Those courses that have a one-year curriculum and are full-time course comes under it.
  2. The individual must earn a minimum of $2500 per month.
  3. Individuals must have relevant work experience in that particular field.
  4. All essential mark sheets and certificates must be applied for.

How to apply S-pass for travel?

To travel using the S-paSS travel, here is what you can do.

  1. Open the in your browser. Counter check your LGU requirements and also your contact details.
  2. Create an account on the S-paSS platform through your phone number and generate a QR code through the process.
  3. Press the option that indicates if you will be travelling and fill in the Travel Protocol questionnaire.
  4. Check your destination policy status before making the application process.

How to download S pass Application form Philippines?

S-Pass application is available online for people to fill but cannot be downloaded for an offline process.


To conclude, the S-paSS application is a way to commute when working in the Philippines. The application must be filed by the employer on behalf of the employee. When working in the Philippines, ensure to initiate the S-paSS application.


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