How to Earn Money from Rojana Earn 7 App [2024]?

As the name suggests, the Rojana earn 7 app is another earning device in the market. The app claims to be offering lots of money in return for simple tasks. All you need to do is complete the tasks and gain the money you earn through them.

The app is just 19 MB in size and the Rojana earn 7 app needs to have your verified mobile number on Paytm.

All you need to do is log in to the application for just one hour. The application is made in 7 languages and you will be allowed to use it in any you find comfortable.

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How to earn money from Rojana earn 7 app?

  • Simply register with the app using your mobile number.
  • Add your name or some details if you like.
  • Start solving tasks for which you would be paid a sum promised once you complete them. 
  • Every day by spending one hour you can almost complete ten tasks. You can withdraw the money once it is enough to encash. 

How to withdraw money from Rojana earn App?

To withdraw money from Rojana earn 7 app, you will have to make sure the same phone number is linked both to the app and your Paytm. If the same number is linked only then can you withdraw money from the app.

Go to the section which indicates the withdrawal of money. Click on it, and enter your Paytm details. Then click on the Send button. Your money would be sent to your Paytm account immediately.

How to Rojana Earn 7 App download?

You must download the app apk from the third-party store. All you have to do is, for Android devices click on the Security settings from the menu. From there simply toggle the switch with which you can actually start downloading from unknown sources.

For iOS, once the download is done, your task is to trust the app from Settings.

You might also have to verify you’re a human by downloading some other apps from the menu given to you by the third-party AppStore.

Rojana Earn app Reviews

The Rojana earn app reviews are definitely starting to pour in, as people start benefitting from the app. Reviews do not state that people have been cheated on their money or any other commotions have not been notified yet about the app.

Is Rojana earn app SAFE?

The app does not use your data in any way. There is no malware and no virus in the device and all you have to do is be careful when using this app. Do not share your app details with any stranger as that is the only way your safety could be compromised.

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