How to reverse payment on Nedbank Money Application [2024]?

To reverse payment on the Nedbank Money app, you can follow the below-given process.

reverse payment on Nedbank Money App
  • With your Nedbank ID and password, PIN or fingerprint, you can log into the app easily.
  • Choose the account from which you would carry out the debit order.
  • Now, from the features, choose debit order.
  • Choose reverse or stop for your debit order.
  • Also leave a note stating why youโ€™re changing your debit order.

An approval message is sent on your mobile number and once you read it carefully you will have to authorize it. When approving such messages make sure it is the right message since this can save you from getting into further soup in the process.

Nedbank allows quick access to safe banking and helps build better financial habits. The app is all about preserving your security and allows you to quick pay swiftly, blocking and reordering cards can be done effortlessly, and also becoming aware of frauds and raising complaints is easy with the app.

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How to reverse EFT payment on the Nedbank app?

 Users cannot reverse the EFT payments on the Nedbank app, once the payment is made. 


Can I reverse an EFT payment Nedbank?

The answer is no, you cannot reverse an EFT payment you made through Nedbank.

How do I reverse a transfer with Nedbank?

Simply log in to the app and refer to the above-mentioned process for reversal of the transfer you made from your Nedbank account.

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