How to reverse money using fnb app? FNB reverse debit order

How to reverse money using fnb app?

For amounts more than R200, you must reverse either via the call center (087 575 9405) or through the mobile banking facilities.

Amounts less than or equal to R200 can be reversed by using the following steps.

  • Choose your bank account.
  • Click to open your debit orders.
  • Choose the one you would like to reverse from the list.
  • Now click on the reverse tab to reverse the payment.

How to FNB reverse debit order?

reverse money using fnb app

From the mobile banking app, dispute a debit order using these steps.

  • Login to your FNB mobile app.
  • Now choose Accounts from the mobile app.
  • From the app, click on the indicator arrow icon adjacent to the name of your account. If you’re using the browser, click on the more option.
  • Choose the My Debit Orders option.
  • Now choose the debit order you wish to dispute and then click on the Dispute tab.
  • You must also add a reason as to why you have disputed the debit order.

When using the online Banking app choose the My Debit Orders option. Follow the last three steps of the above segment next to reverse the debit order online.

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How to reverse EFT payment on FNB?

If there is an error in an electronic fund transfer with the FNB app, you can reverse it only under specific circumstances.

  • The reversal is requested within 30 days from the date of the transaction. 
  • The recipient must acknowledge getting wrongly paid. 
  • A reversal fee of R298 should be paid.
  • If you choose Pay and clear now service type, you cannot make any claims over the transaction. 
  • If the transaction is made from the Scheduled payment section, then the bank cannot help you reverse the amount in any way.

After carefully going through the above conditions, now step on to the reversal process given below.

  • Visit the FNB bank online platform and download a payment reversal form.
  • Fill all sections of the Payment Reversal Request Form.
  • For requesting refunds for Business accounts, you must sign two more supporting forms- waiver and indemnity form. Add these two forms to the request you make.
  • Email the forms to the Bank’s recall and reversal department. Address it to [email protected].

Download FNB payment reversal Request Form

To complete the FNB reversal form you will first need to download it using the given link. Carefully read and acknowledge the terms and conditions properly before filling out the form.


How long does it take to reverse money using fnb app?

If you have requested the reversal within 40 days from the date of the transaction, you can ask for immediate reversal.

Can i reverse a debit order on FNB?

Yes, you can follow the above-given steps meant for reversing an FNB debit order.

What is FNB payment reversal contact number

FNB payment reversal contact number is 087 575 9404. 


Here’s a brief on the steps to be followed for reversing payments, and debit orders easily.

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