How to Reverse Debit Orders on Capitec App [2024]?

The debit order can be reversed on the Capitec app by following either of the four ways.

reverse debit orders on Capitec App
  • 24-hour client help center

Contact your client help center and a consultant would assist you in declining or accepting a debit order. 

  • Hop into a branch of your choice.

If you are near a Capitec branch, hop in and ask them to resolve the issue, they would be able to help you accept or decline any order.

  • USSD

Once you get the Debi Check, you can dial in *120*3279# you need to check option 8, to check all your necessary details from your phone’s screen. From here, you can either approve or decline the debit order.

  • Use your banking app

From the banking app, you can also go ahead and approve or decline a debit order.

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How to cancel Debi check on the Capitec app?

Cancelling Debi checks on the Capitec app and disputing it is done by the same process. Thus, you can easily use the below process to do a cancellation of the Debi check.

How to dispute debit order on Capitec app?

To dispute a Debi check on the Capitec app, you have to do browse through the below information.

  • Select transact option and then Debit Orders.
  • Click on the box which directs you to enter the remote PIN for signing in.
  • Now from the history, click on its menu, and then click on the debit order.
  • From the dropdown, select a reason for the dispute.
  • Further, accept the agreement.

Debit orders of up to R800 can be disputed via the app. Unauthorized debits are alone disputed with the app.

Capitec debit order reversal contact number

 To dispute unauthorized debit orders via the app, you can visit any branch or call 0860 10 20 43.


How long do I have to reverse a debit order at Capitec?

If disputed within 12 months, the reversal would be done immediately.

How long does it take to reverse money from Capitec?

The Capitec can reverse money immediately if the order is passed within 40 days.

Can I reverse an authorized debit order Capitec app?

Yes, reversing a debit order using the Capitec app is one of the ways to reverse it.

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