Register Salvation Army Angel Tree Application 2023- Dealine Near

“As we all know, Christmas is coming, and during Christmas, every child wishes for gifts and joy. To fulfill the needs and help poor children, the Salvation Army Angel Tree program 2023 has started. In this article, I will explain everything related to the Angel Tree application registration process.

What is Angel Tree program? application

The Salvation Army Angel Tree program helps lots of children across the country get Christmas presents every year. It is a great initiative to fulfill the needs of poor children and senior adults as a gift on the occasion of Christmas. Donors provide gifts, clothes, etc., for the children. The first child or older person’s family needs to apply for the program or application. Once the application gets approved or selected for the program, you will be asked to share your wish list.

In the wish list, you can ask for items like clothes, toys, etc., that you need as a gift. When you share the list, it will be shared with the donors. Once donors buy those gifts, they will be distributed among the children’s families.

To benefit from this program, you have to provide all the necessary information required by the Salvation Army to determine qualification for participation in the program. Before including you in this program, they conduct a proper check, and then you will be able to participate in this program. Donors also need to provide their identity proof.

Proof required by donors:

  1. Photo ID
  2. Proof of residence (lease, utility bill, or mail received from the school district or other government agency).

Documents needed from the child may include but are not limited to:

  1. Birth certificate
  2. Official custody or guardianship papers
  3. Clothing and shoe sizes
  4. Toy wishes for each child.

You have to upload copies of the documentation for registration. You can upload scanned copies or take photos of the documents and upload them.

Don’t worry about sharing information because any private or personal information of donors and angels is not shared in public. They only share the first name of the angel with donors, so your privacy will be maintained.

Right now, the Salvation Army is working in many cities in the U.S. and Canada. However, the Angel Tree Program has yet to cover a large area. It may or may not operate in your area. Before applying for the Salvation Army Angel Tree Program, first check if it’s working in your area or not. You can do this by entering your area’s zip code on their official Angel Tree Program website.

As part of the application process, you may be asked to provide copies of documentation. You will be able to upload scanned copies or take photos. If you wish to take photos, please visit this site and begin your application from your camera-enabled mobile device.

Angel tree application Deadline

Right now, they haven’t shared any deadline for this application. They are open now and receiving applications. It is the best time to apply for it.

How to apply application Salvation Army Angel Tree 2023?

If you want to apply for the Army Angel Tree application online, then follow the guide I have shared below.

  1. First, you need to visit the official website application.
  2. There, you can read all the details about the Angel Tree program on the homepage.
  3. Below, you will be asked, “Do you have an Invitation Code?” Choose “Yes” or “No.”
  4. Click “Yes” if you have an Angel Tree Salvation Army invitation code. If you don’t have any Angel Tree code, click “No.”
  5. Now it will ask you to enter your zip code.
  6. If this program is available in your area, they will ask for your email address.
  7. They will send you a verification code to your email address.
  8. After verification, the Salvation Army will continue the process with you.
  9. Always share your working email address because Angel Tree Salvation Army will contact you through this email.

Once you complete the registration process, if you are eligible for this program, you will be able to receive a gift for your child on this Christmas.

Note: If it shows the program is not available in your area, try to contact your local Salvation Army and ask them if they allow you to apply for the Angel Tree application offline.”


This is all about application. Hope you understand everything related to it. If you have any queries ask in the comment section.

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