How to Get Refund For Pending Payment on Cash App [2024]?

If your payment has been pending for quite some time and you have not received a response from the Cash app, you should consider canceling it. Here’s how you can get a refund for pending payment on Cash app. Do consider the steps below:

Refund For Pending Payment on Cash App

Step 1- On your Android or iOS device, launch the Cash app.

Step 2– Use your registered mobile number or email address to access your Cash app account.

Step 3– Go to the “Activity Tab,” which may be found on the Cash app’s main screen.

Step 4- Now browse through the payment history for the pending payment.

Step 5- Tap on the payment that has been held pending in your activities tab.

Step 6- Select the refund option from the option that appears.

Step 7- Finally, press OK to complete the payment return.

How to cancel pending payment on cash app?

Payments made with the Cash App are usually available immediately. If a payment is marked as pending, it may be necessary for you to take action. If you wish to cancel the payment that is held under the “pending tab” then consider following the steps below:

Step 1- Open the Cash app on your android or your IOS device.

Step 2- Log in to your Cash app account using your mobile number or email ID registered with your Cash app account.

Step 3- Now tap on the clock icon which is the “Activity Tab” of your Cash app.

Step 4- Search for the payment that is pending.

Step 5- Now tap on the cancel option to cancel the pending payment.

Step 6- Tap on confirm to confirm the cancellation of your payment.

Can you refund pending transaction on Cash App?

Yes, the Cash app gives you an option to refund the pending payments. Just follow the given steps:

Step 1- On your Android or iOS device, open the Cash app.

Step 2- Log in to your Cash app account using the mobile number or email address associated with it.

Step 3- Now tap on the clock icon to see your Cash app’s “Activity Tab.”

Step 4- Look for any outstanding payments.

Step 5- Now click on the payment that you want to refund and click on the refund option to claim the refund.


How long does a pending refund take on Cash App?

If you have prompted for a refund of any of your pending payments on the Cash app, then would take up to 10 business days to refund your funds back into your Cash app account. In case you haven’t heard back from the Cash app even after 10 business days, then try reaching out to the Cash app customer support by dialing  1 (800) 969-1940.

What happens if I cancel a pending payment on Cash App?

If the payment is pending, you will be given the option to cancel it. To cancel the payment and receive a refund, press the “Cancel” option. In case you are not seeing a cancellation option beside your payment in the activity tab, this means that you have already prompted for a refund.

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