Redeem YouTube premium code from discord without credit card

For starters, Discord is a social network for VoIP and instant messaging. Users can connect using voice calls, video calls, text messaging, media, and files in private conversations or as part of “server” groups. 

With that said, people use Discord regularly to discuss a variety of topics, from art projects and family vacations to homework and mental health help, to name a few!

youtube premium

As of the nest partnership program with youtube, Discord nitro members can get a free youtube subscription without the need for a credit card. If you wish to claim yours then here is how you can do it-

Step 1- Log into your Discord account by launching the app and entering the required credentials.

Step 2- Head on to the settings by clicking on the gear icon.

Step 3- Now click on the option of Gift Inventory.

Step 4- Then, navigate to the Youtube premium banner and click on it.

Step 5- You will see your Youtube Premium code as soon as you click on the banner.

Step 6- Now open your browser and go to youtube’s premium redeem page.

Step 7- Log in with the help of your Google account.

Step 8- Now enter the redeem code that you have received from Discord and then click on the next.

Step 9- Now your youtube premium is activated and you can enjoy it for free.

So, that’s how you redeem the youtube premium code from discord without using a credit card!

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How to use youtube premium code from discord?

use youtube premium code

You can use the Youtube premium code that you get from the Discord app to access the premium features of the world’s top video streaming app. If you are puzzled about how to do this then here we have a step-by-step guide to help you out. Consider the instructions below-

Step 1: From your smartphone, go to the play store or the app store and update your Discord app. (ignore if already updated)

Step 2: Log into your Discord account by launching the app and entering the appropriate credentials.

Step 3: Click the gear icon to access the settings option.

Step 4: Now choose Gift Inventory from the drop-down menu.

Step 5: Go to the Youtube Premium banner and click on it.

Step 6: As soon as you select the Youtube Premium option, you will receive your Youtube Premium code.

Step 7: Go to the YouTube premium redemption page in your browser.

Step 8: Make use of your Google account to log in.

Step 9: Now type in the redeem code you received from Discord and select the next button.

Step 10: Your YouTube premium account has been activated, and you may now use it for free.

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Can I pay for YouTube Premium with discord?

The short answer is Yes!

You can pay for youtube premium with discord by leveraging the latest offer they offer its users. In this, you get to claim the youtube premium subscription for free.

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