How to unfreeze or reactivate Venmo account [2024 Updated]

How to unfreeze venmo account?

If your Venmo account is frozen, you will have to unfreeze it. Sometimes Venmo freezes when your funds have dried up. If you have registered a payment, Venmo will cover the payment for you but will freeze your account. To unfreeze it, follow the given steps.

  1. Open your Venmo account and visit the add funds segment.
  2. From the pop-up, choose the bank you want to use to transfer the funds.
  3. Ensure your bank account is verified for transferring payments to your Venmo app.
  4. Add the amount you’d like to transfer, and then click on the Transfer tab.
  5. Your account will be unfrozen in a span of two to three business days.

How to reactivate venmo account?

reactivate venmo account

Reactivation of a Venmo account usually involves the following scenarios.

  1. When you have insufficient funds, your Venmo account can be deactivated or suspended. Use the above method to reactivate the Venmo account in this scenario.
  2. When you have forgotten your password, too many wrong entries can deactivate your Venmo account.
  3. Click on forgot password and then choose the link from which you can select your password.
  4. Select a new password and then log in to your account again.
  5. When you have violated any of their rules, and then call them up to know the issue. If you don’t have time, you can also drop them an email.

How long does it take to unfreeze venmo account?

It takes an average two to three days to unfreeze the account as per the above-mentioned first and second reasons. But for the third reason, there could be an expected delay of up to 7 days.

How do I unfreeze my account?

Call them or mail them to unfreeze your account.

You can also do it yourself by altering your password and changing your account details.

Can you reactivate a venmo account?

You can reactivate a Venmo account that has not been deleted from your end.

How do you know if your venmo is frozen?

Whenever your Venmo account is frozen, you receive an email intimating you of the suspension. You will also be told the reason for deactivation in most cases. However, if it is not mentioned in the mail, you can call them to ask them the same.

Why does venmo freeze?

Venmo freezes when the account holder’s fund lapses or when they multiple times enter the wrong password combination. Violation of policies is another reason behind the suspension of the Venmo account.


In this article, we have covered different reasons behind the suspension of Venmo accounts. Also, we have stated ways in which you can activate a suspended account. Refer to it whenever you have a similar situation.

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