Ramzan Kutty Boy In Nisha Guragain viral video

Ramzan Kutty Viral Video

The name of the boy that appeared in the Nisha Guragain viral leaked video is Ramzan Kutty. As there is still no confirmation that the viral video was real and it was Nisha Guragain in that video. All of her fans were looking for her boyfriend’s name that they saw in the video.

ramzan kutty viral video

So, now the name is revealed. He is Ramdan Kutty and he is also on Tiktok and Instagram. Now, people are searching for their profile. In this article, I will give you all information about him.

Nisha Guragain Live Reaction After Leaked Viral Video | Full Video

Recently, Famous TikTok star Nisha Gurgain viral video leaked on social media. Everyone got shocked after listening to this news. Soon, the news got fire, and she became an internet sensation overnight. Everyone was looking for her video.

tiktok star leaked image nisha guragain viral video

nisha guragain hot images

nisha guragain boyfriend image

As she denied her appearance in that video. But many people think that she was in that video. But no one has any idea about who was the boy in the video.

Everyone was curious to know about the boy in Nisha Guragain’s leaked video.

Now, Someone leaked the boy’s name and now his Tiktok and Instagram is also got viral. below I have shared his Tiktok and Instagram profile Link.

Instagram id

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