How to quebec vaccine passport app download for Android & iOS?

What is quebec vaccine passport app?

Quebec’s vaccine passport would be implemented across the province from 1st September. The app can be downloaded from Wednesday morning onwards. The Quebec citizens would need to use the quick response (QR) code as evidence of their vaccination. The app is put in place to avoid lockdowns as the fourth wave hits Quebec with increased hospitalizations and cases.

Protecting the population and running the economy seemed out of balance in these years. Thus, as a preventive measure, the Quebec passport was issued for the citizens.

How to get vaccine passport quebec?

quebec vaccine passport app

The vaccine passport will take effect from 1st September. Two apps will take effect from 1st September. One is for merchants, businesses, and service providers and the other will be for the general public. 

For an average individual, the app is a wallet style device where you can safely store your QR code. A family can store multiple QR codes in a particular wallet. 

You can download it from Apple Playstore on Wednesday at 08:00 am. In a day or two, they plan to make it available in the Google Playstore too.

You can easily download it from these appstores without any concern. Children 13 and above are supposed to carry the passport with them everywhere.

A link will be sent to you in your mail once you get vaccinated. If the link does not come then you can go to the Quebec government site to download it from there.

Quebec vaccine passport for visitors/Tourists/Out of province?

To enter places where the vaccine passport is being made mandatory, foreigners would require showing off their vaccination details. They can either carry paper proofs or they could try using the available apps in their districts.

Currently, the app is open only to Quebec people and it does not mention anything about outsiders. So people are wondering if the app would be opened for outsiders as well. However, the app authorities are trying to make it available in other jurisdictions as well.

Application requirements?

There are just application requirements.

  • You must be residing in Quebec holding some Quebec government identity cards.
  • You must have been vaccinated.

How to quebec vaccine passport app download?

Simply visit the Apple appstore for downloading the Quebec vaccine passport app. All you need to do is get the app by clicking on the Get tab.

Quebec vaccine passport android?

The app won’t be there in Google Playstore on the launch date. It would be there, however, in a day or two. There will thus, be some relaxation for the first two weeks and then there will be a fine imposed on people. The fine could range anywhere from $1000 to $6000.

Does quebec have vaccine passports?

It will have vaccine passports imposed from 1st September.

Is vaccination mandatory in quebec?

Yes, amid the fourth wave Quebec wants to run its business sector. To avoid lockdowns vaccination is made mandatory.

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