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Last updated on October 6th, 2021 at 04:40 am

What is the www.proudmakatizen.com application?

Under the MAKA-tulong P5K for 500K Makatizen, the Economic Relief Program of the Philippines has allotted P2.7 billion funds for its citizens. It is allocated to the denizens of the city as a COVID-19 pandemic relief package.

People above 18 years of age are eligible to apply but then they either have to be the residents of Makati City territory or have to be relocated citizens from sectors most acutely hit by the pandemic. 

Additionally, they have to be registered Makatizen cardholders or Yellow cardholders under MHP or have to be a voter of the Makati City.

What is the www.proudmakatizen.com application

What is the www.proudmakatizen.com portal?

The Makatulong portal allows people to register newly for cards and also gives access to a variety of other operations to be completed through the use of the app.

By using the web portal of www.proudmakatizen.com, you can fill up the application form and submit it with a valid government ID card attached to it. You can call Hotline 168 in case of confusions.

proudmakatizen.com portal application

Proudmakatizen application form online

  • The Proudmakatizen application form available online can be accessed from www.proudmakatizen.com by clicking on the tab called P5K-MAKA Tulong. 
  • Once you click on it click on the online application form and then fill-up the form.
  • While submitting it back, add an image of a valid government-issued ID card with it.

Makatizen application form for 5k

The Makatulong 5k application form for receiving 5KP is an online application form where a user has to fill in the following fields in the www.proudmakatizen.com forms.

  • Preferred Name on Card
  • Last name and First name
  • Date of Birth, 
  • Gender, 
  • Blood type with 
  • Place of birth.
  • Civil status, 
  • Nationality
  • G Cash Number
  • Landline and mobile numbers
  • Email address
  • Income Source
  • Education, Occupation and working details
  • Address
  • Identification number (Enter a government ID number).
  • Spouse details
  • Signature or right thumb impression

Proudmakatizen app features

Proudmakatizen tracking can be done using this app and has several features which make this app unique in itself.

– With the app, people can claim 5KP for every citizen If a family is comprised of a husband and wife, and a child above 18 years of age fulfilling the other conditions then the family would get 15 K together, which is an amount of Proud Makatizen 5K each.

– It takes 6 working days for the money to reach citizens.

– Gcash is used usually to make the transaction.

– Senior citizens are given additional benefits apart from 5K amount.

– It is an absolutely user-friendly app that can be used easily by everyone with little training.

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