How to get Proof of Payment From FNB (Check details)?

Proof of payment is one of the copies of the cheque, invoice, and other bills that show that all the payments are paid and nothing remaining is pending. This lets the agency know that all the payments have been paid and there is nothing left to pay. There are innumerable ways that an individual can choose for the proof of payment from FNB. There are some charges that an applicant has to pay to get the FNB proof of payment. A person can also use their bank statements of debit and credit card as proof of payment if he/she needs that. 

If a person has done a transfer from one FNB bank to another then it takes approximately 24 hours for the statement to reflect the transactions, it might even take less but this is an estimation. The FNB also proffers a black card to the applicants but there are some criteria that are a must for the card. The applicant must be earning around R750,000.00 as a part of his/her gross income. A charge is also paid for the black card, a person has to pay around R385. 00 for a month to get this. In case a person has done an EFT payment and then he/she wants to reverse that so to do simply send a mail to [email protected].

How to get proof of payment From FNB?

Payment proof From FNB

Proof of payment let the person know that a payment is made and there is no remaining balance left to pay. A person can use a bank statement also to show proof of payment. However, it is quite easy to get POP(proof of payment). There are numerous ways that assist in getting proof of payment from FNB. Let’s discuss all of them and find out which is the most suitable one:

1. Through FNB Online Banking Website

  • The first one is to use FNB online banking profile to get proof of payment.
  1. To begin with, visit the FNB website.
  2. On the top of the page, there is a payment option, tap on that.
  3. Further, there is a sub-menu option, tap on the history option there.
  4. Moving ahead, tap on print and download which is visible on the right side of the payment option.
  5. Finally, the proof of payment will be downloaded and saved as a PDF on your computer.

2. Through FNB Banking App

  • The second way is from the FNB Banking App.
  1. Download and log in to the FNB banking app.
  2. Locate and tap on the menu.
  3. Further, there is a payment option tap on that.
  4. Now, find payment history and tap on that.
  5. Next, locate the recipient but wait to click on that.
  6. There is an orange arrow visible on the right of the name of the recipient, tap on that.
  7. Click on send proof.
  8. Add the email and the contact number.
  9. Moving ahead, click on the send option that is given on the downside of the webpage.
  10. Finally, proof of payment will be provided in the form of a PDF.

3. Through FNB Cellphone Banking

  • The third way a person can choose is to get proof of payment from FNB Cellphone Banking.
  1. At first, dial *121*321#.
  2. Now, choose payments. 
  3. Further, there is an option for payment history, tap on that.
  4. Next, select the recipient to whom you want to pay.
  5. Now, choose the option of sending proof.
  6. Moving ahead, add the email address and the cell phone number. 
  7. Choose to send option.
  8. Finally, a PDF file will be sent as proof of payment.

This kind of banking can send proof of payment to a cellphone via email or a message. To get that a notification of payment will be received. A person has to pay R1.30 to get the POP as an SMS and R0.95 is to be paid to get it as an email. 

  • In case a person is not able to download the pdf of the FNB proof of payment, then follow the simple steps:
  1. A chat feature is visible online so that a person can use it. 
  2. All domestic users can call 087 575 9404 and those who are residing overseas can call +27 11 371 3711.
  3. There are several FNB branches, so a person can choose any of them and visit them there.


Does FNB charge for proof of payment?

A nominal fee of about 0.95 cents is to be paid to get the proof of payment pdf on the email that is provided. This is a nominal cost but it surges when the pages that are to be sent are increased. In case a person wants to get an SMS of proof of payment then the amount that is to be paid is R1.30. 

What does an FNB proof of payment look like?

Proof of payment is a kind of photo, scan, or can even a screenshot. This includes the detail of the applicant, bank details, and account number. 

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Proof of payment is a kind of photo, scan, or can even a screenshot. This includes the detail of the applicant, bank details, and account number. 

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