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Explore Bill payment process and benefits of using Priceline credit cards

If you want to earn points every time you send your money to Priceline, then you will be happier to know that Priceline has its own credit card. For every $1 spent, you can get 2 points. So get your own Priceline credit card.

Before getting your credit card, note how to pay its bill and how you can cancel the card. So in this article, we have covered all the important points that you must know about Priceline credit cards. Without any further ado, let us get into the topic straight away.

How to activate a Priceline credit card?

When you receive your credit card, the first step is to activate that card, only then you can use that credit card. There are two ways to activate your Priceline credit card:

Method 1: Call customer care: when you receive your card, call the customer care number of Priceline (mentioned in the FAQs section of this article.) then they will guide you through the process.

Method 2: Follow the instruction mentioned on the credit card: when you receive your credit card, you will see a guided instruction manual telling you steps of activating your credit Priceline card

How to do Priceline Rewards credit card login?

If you want to pay Priceline credit card bill payment online or offline then here in this section I have mentioned all the details. So, read it carefully and do a payment.

Step 1: Open your web browser and search for the “Priceline Login” or simply click here to open the login page directly.

Step 2: Now click on the “cardmember login” and then you are redirected to a new page.

priceline credit card

Step 3: Then you can fill in your details like your username and password. Once done, click on the “Login” button, and you are done with the princess.

priceline credit card login

NOTE- If you have not registered your Priceline card yet then before logging to your account you need to register your card first. Follow this simple guide to register it.

STEP 1- Visit the Card Registration button by clicking on the register button given below.

STEP 2- Now enter the Last Four Digits of SSN, Date of Birth, Account Number, & Current Occupation

priceline credit card register

STEP 3- Next, you need to answer the simple question i.e “Are you a citizen of the U.S. or not”. After that simply click on the “Continue” button to find your account.

STEP 4- Next, create your username and password. That’s it.

How to make Priceline credit card Pay Bill Payment?

Every credit card company understands that not everyone will choose the same method of paying bills. That is why all credit card companies keep multiple options to pay the credit card bills. So let us take a quick look at all the methods available to pay your Priceline credit card bills.

  1. Offline method: One of the most used methods of paying your credit card bill is by visiting the credit company itself. You can easily pay your bill without any tension or technical errors.
  1. Online method: Visit the official website of Priceline and search for the bill payments option. Now using Easy Pay you can easily pay your credit bills. 
  1. Mail: You can easily get the mailing address of Priceline on the internet (you can get it in the FAQs) now, just add the amount of money and send that mail.
  1. Using your cell phone: On the website or simply by searching the “contact us” option for Priceline you can get their contact number. Call them, and they will make sure you have no difficulties in paying your bill.

How to cancel a Priceline credit card?

The two simplest methods of canceling your credit cards are:

1) simply call 1-877-523-0478, and they will cancel your credit card.

2) You can search for the “help us” section on their website and contact them. You will get one on one chat or call from them. If this doesn’t work then email them, and they will cancel your credit card.

Customer service number

If you have any doubt regarding Priceline credit card, then you can call the Customer Care of Priceline  on 1-877-523-0478


What is the Priceline credit card Payment Address?

You can pay your credit bills via mail, all you have to do is send a payment mail to Priceline mailing address:

Priceline Credit Card Services,
PO Box 60517,
CA 91716-0517.

This is the oldest method that may take a few days to complete the bill payment, but it is still a very safe and easy method.

What is the Payment Phone Number?

If you want to pay your bills or clear your doubt regarding Priceline credit card, you call them on 1-877-523-0478.


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