Power Bank Earning App Real or Fake (A Quick Guide)

Power Bank app is a shared platform for earning money. With it, you have quick access to shared charging facilities. Forty per cent of the customers are regular people who invest in the shared power bank services.

It facilitates online rental options apart from initiating investments from shared services across the mobile platform in India.

Power bank earning app information

Primarily it offers an online franchise with an offline direct selling facility. Apart from rendering direct benefit to the public what is most striking about the power bank earning app is that the group also aims to benefit their partners equally.

The profits and dividends are shared with the partners in the hope that their partners would help spread the word thereby reducing the cost of advertising the product as a brand.

The founder of the Power Bank is trying to cater to the common public as well as its partners effectively through this app.

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How to Power Bank App Download?

Downloading the Power Bank app on Android devices is easier since the app is available in Google Playstore. 

 1. Android

Simply follow the three steps to download the Power Bank app.

– Go to Google Playstore and type the Power Bank app on the Search bar.

– Next, click on the Install button to download and run the app on your mobile device.

– Once done open the app, fulfil a few steps which enable further use of the app.

2. iPhone

 But is it not available on the Apple app store for iPhones and can only be downloaded from third-party websites with or without jailbreaking or rooting.

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Power bank earning app real or fake?

It is a real app and many people have begun using the app for earning extra. The app is quite new in the market and thus has fewer reviews which make the app seem fake which is not the case in the first place.

What is the power bank app owner name?

The owner of the Power bank app is still not disclosed to media and the world and it is yet to be known.

Is the power bank app safe?

The app developers are updating the app to prevent people from losing money however, it is still in its formative years and a lot will be added to secure the app completely shortly.

App Belongs to which country

The app is developed by a Bangalore based team of developers and designers from India.


Though the app has procured only a few reviews, yet some users have claimed to benefit from the use of the app. There are mixed reviews on the net about the app.


The app details show several wonderful features, some of which are being mentioned below.

– After registering with the app, go to the purchase hall and choose your device of investment (every set is restricted to use by one person).

– Power stations are being planned in public places like commercial streets & airports.

– The profit made is planned for distribution on an hourly basis. 

– Charging cabinet is aimed to be open 24 hours a day.

– Idle funds can be used to purchase their products and they claim the return benefit is 18 times the original amount.

– If your friend also takes up a power bank cabinet using your investment code you get 4 rewards for it.

– Instant withdrawal facilities.

– Daily profit schemes

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