Pooja Deol Akka Lynda Deol Images, Unseen Marriage Photos [2022]

Last updated on February 18th, 2022 at 06:32 am

Hey, If you want to know about Pooja Deol (Lynda Deol) then you are in right place. Today In this article, I will show you her unseen images and pictures.

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So first of Let me give you little detail about Pooja Deol.

If you think that she is famous because she is any celebrity or someone special then you are wrong. She is not any celebrity, she is not connected with any film industry.

The only reason people are searching for Pooja is her husband Sunny Deol. Yes, She is the wife of Most talented Bollywood actor Sunny Deol.

There is a huge number of fans of Sunny who wants to know about him and his personal life. That is why most of the fans of Sunny Deol wants to know about his wife Lynda Deol.

Some people know her with the name of Pooja Deol and some people know her with the name of Lynda Deol. And there is one more reason for her popularity that most of the family members of Pooja Deol are connected with film industries and they are all very popular and huge fan following.

So, Pooja as a part of the Deol family, people also search for her.

Many people are searching for her images. So, here I will show you some beautiful pics of Lynda Deol along with her husband Sunny Deol.

Latest Lynda Deol Images

This is the pic of Sunny and pooja. There are very limited Pooja Deol images available on the internet.

Sunny keeps his personal life away from his career. He never shares his personal life with anyone.

Pooja also never attend any tv shows and never give an interview on social media. That is why very few images of Lynda Deol is available.

Marriage Pics

This is the marriage pic of Lynda Deol. It is not so clear. I already told you they never share their personal life socially.

Even Sunny never shared the news of their marriage. Very few people knew about their marriage and only special guests are invited.

Is Lynda Deol, Sunny Deol's Wife?

Yes, She is wife of famous bollywood actor Sunny Deol.


This is all you learned about Sunny Deol’s Wife.

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