How to install Poll Manager Kerala Nic in Asd Monitor App?

To fight scam votes, and for a free and fair election, the government in Kerala has launched a digital tool called the ASD Monitor app. One forty MLAs are contesting for Kerala Legislative Assembly this year.

Only an authorized voter can download the app to cast their votes, so this is a unique attempt made by a state government to prevent false votes and to ensure a corruption-free voting system.

How to use the poll manager Kerala app?

poll manager Kerala NIC in ASD app

Follow the below steps to use the Poll Manager Kerala NIC.

– An authorized person is going to take an imprint of your thumb and would take picture of the concerned voter.

– It further needs to be added to other apps as per the instructions given to those trained officials and it will their job to add the voter’s information.

– You will need to add your registered phone number 

– Once you have added the phone number you will get a confirmation code or OTP 

– Update the same on that will be obtained on your registered mobile number. 

– Post registering on the app, you can use it comfortably on your phone. 

– Now, you will be given an option to record the new ASD vote, 

– But before you cast your vote, you will have to complete all the required procedures and

– Then you must register the ASD vote through this app.

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How to download poll manager Kerala NIC in ASD monitor app?

poll manager ASD app download

 It can be downloaded for Android mobiles from either Google Playstore or you can even download it from

– Simply click on Install to download the app from Google Playstore.

– If you are downloading the app from, you will have to fix the link first like go to Menu>Settings>Security>check on the checkbox for download from Unknown sources.

– Now go to the site and click on the Download button.

– Once downloaded you will have to run the Poll Manager Kerala NIC on your Android device to install it.

– Allow permissions to ensure installation is complete.

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