How to get Pokemon sword and shield app for android/iOS free?

Pokemon sword and shield are the eighth generations of the Pokemon video/RPG game series designed to accommodate the Nintendo Switch System. 

In this game, the people and Pokemon live together in a place called Galar. Pokemon battles are used for entertainment purpose by this region. Usually, the Pokemon leagues of the region hold a tournament to decide the next Pokemon in a row.

 The main highlights of the game include;

  • – Pokémon GO and Pokemon HOME are now well connected.
  • – Discovering new Pokemon.
  • – Facing the all-powerful Gigantamax and Dynamax Pokemon.
  • – Exploring more of the wild regions of Galar.
  • – Participating in activities of other regions of Galar.
Pokemon sword and shield apk for android free without verification

Pokemon sword and shield apk download for android free without verification

To download Pokemon sword and shield; 

->> Go to any of the third-party links that can help you download the game in your system.

->> Ensure you have checked your settings to enable downloads from other sources other than Google Playstore.

->> To confirm click on Menu>Settings>Security>download files from unknown sources.

->> Search for the game in the search tab.

->> Once you find it, click on the download button to download the game.

->> Now wait until the game is downloaded in your device.

->> Make sure you click on your “Run” button as soon as your game is downloaded.

->> Once the game is completely installed in your system, launch it.

->> Verify yourself by simply following the required steps.

->> Restart the game and begin it again on your system to play the game

->> Once done, you can go ahead and enjoy the application.

How can I download Pokemon sword and shield for iOS free?

Pokémon sword and shield for iOS works best on iOS 4.2.2 and above versions. 

– Go to Settings > General tab.

– From the About section, find proper information about the device.

– From the same menu, find the iPhone and iPad storage information and click on iPhone storage to analyse your storage information.

– From the Appstore click on the Get button.

– Now, click on the Install button to install and download the app.

How to play the Pokemon sword and shield game?

To play the Pokemon sword and shield game, you would need to connect to an internet connection. From the Nintendo Switch access the Y-Comm menu by clicking on the Y button. If you’re not sure you’re connected to the internet or not, click on the + button to get connected to the internet.

Once you’re online you can easily choose from the different available options like;

Surprise Trade: It is usually a trading method done blindly for your game. If you use it you can always get matched quickly with another player.

Link Trade: It is the normal trading that you do for your game to proceed.

Link Battles: The actual battlefield.

Swipe Cards: A technique by which you exchange your cards with those of another player.

Search stamps: Here on this tab, you can look for other people’s activity and profiles.

Profile stamps: Select your profile picture and description.

– Additionally, find other trainers for battling in the Max Raid Battles. In the wild area, you can see other trainers running around and once you start interacting with them, they might bring you some help like they might feed you with curry ingredients and other necessary items to fulfil your day-to-day requirements.

 Choose your best Pokemon beginner which is the trickiest part of the game.

Pokemon sword Reviews

Reviews are quite good and many of them are enjoying the game and putting out positive reviews for the game. Thus, the overall score on Google Playstore is 4.0 and is 4.1 on Appstore.


Can I play Pokemon sword and shield on PC?

Yes, you can surely play Pokemon sword and shield on your PC.

How do I download Pokemon sword and shield on my phone?

Simply install it from Google Playstore and Apple Appstore to play it on your phone

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